GBL Awareness

A ‘World Without Waste’ stands as one of the key pillars of the Coca‑Cola Global Sustainable Business strategy, where the company aims to collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one it sells by 2030.

Likewise, as a socially responsible company, we at Coca‑Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Limited strongly believe PET plastic is not waste, but value, that should NOT end up irresponsibly discarded in the environment. We are committed to finding improved solutions to recover, re-use and recycle PET bottles; so as to not cause harm, but instead create a circular economy and expand livelihood opportunities for local communities therein.

Coca‑Cola Sri Lanka’s signature waste management program ‘Give Back Life’ takes a multipronged approach connecting local waste collectors, end-to-end recyclers, and many other stakeholders including local government, schools, temples etc. and is dedicated to the collection and recycling of PET plastic bottles across the nation. 

We are doing so through 4 initiatives 

1. Installation of collection bins at strategic locations - Supermarkets, Temples, Highways, etc.

2. Support and sponsoring collection / clean-up programs throughout the year

3. Installation of Material Recovery Facilities and Regional Collection Centers across the island dedicated to recover PET bottles. 

4. Education and Awareness on PET Plastic Collection and Recycling

Our preferred recycling partner, Eco-Spindles Pvt. Ltd. (a part of the BPPL Holdings Group) will undertake the PET collection and recycle the same into value added products such as cleaning brushes, brooms or recycled polyester yarn for clothing.

Currently Coca‑Cola’s Give Back Life program has 125+ partnerships and 500+ PET collection bins established all across the country. 


• Reduce PET plastic pollution and protect our environment 

• Support the national economy 

• Expand livelihood opportunities for local communities

• Increase export earnings 

• Contribute to creating a circular economy