Fun challenges to dominate

Fun belongs to FANTA! and your favourite snack, especially with FANTA! Bring more colour into snacking through our fun challenges. Will you be our champion? Who in their right mind can outsnack you? Make your mark, dominate these challenges, and own Fridays with FANTA!


Do you have the illest squad on these FANTA! Streets, is your aim better than your president’s bodyguard and are you a player that never takes an “L”? Then FANTA! Pong is definitely the game for you to show off your skills.

The FANTA! Flip

Now here’s a flipping good game, it’s gonna test your patience, your handling of pressure and your fast-snacking abilities. Play with a friend who you’d love to see lose against you. Rep your team.

Snack Ahead

Let’s hear you say, “look mamma no hands.” If you have interesting talents that you can display without using your hands this is the game for you. Grab your favourite snack and use your head, we mean it literally.