A group of Coca-Cola employees talking outside

The Real Secret Formula: OUR PEOPLE

Every individual who makes up Coca‑Cola is a key ingredient to helping us refresh and reach every Filipino possible – from manufacturing to fleet drivers and distribution partners, sales team, and our customers.

Making each day more refreshing than the last

With over 10,000 employees nationwide, we make sure that each of us reaches our full potential by valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A group of Coca-Cola employees wearing Coca-Cola uniforms smiling

Malasakit as the core foundation of our culture

We work with virtue of compassion and generosity of spirit – both in the workplace and the communities we serve.

A group of people with red shirts unloading a truck

Coca‑Cola's People-First Philosophy

The Company's action is inspired by uplifting the lives of our employees with safety and total well-being as our top priorities.

A group of people with Coca-Cola shirts smiling together in front of a Coca-Cola banner