NUST holds a seminar on the environmental impact of corporate investments in Pakistan

NUST Holds a Seminar on the Environmental Impact of Corporate Investments in Pakistan

[Islamabad, 23rd November 2022]: The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in collaboration with Coca‑Cola İçecek Pakistan held a seminar on community investments related to the environment, governance, and sustainability. Three masterclasses were delivered to highlight these areas of impact by Zouhair Khaliq, CEO of National Incubation Center and founder of TeamUp; Afia Salam, Trustee of Indus Earth; and Fahad Ashraf, Vice President of Coca‑Cola, Pakistan.

Sana Maqbool, General Manager of NUST’s Corporate Relations hosted the event and spoke about the role of NUST in creating powerful collaborations through public-private partnerships. 

A panel discussion titled “Driving Science and Technology to Solve for the Planet” asked industry experts and academics to weigh in on the link between innovation and sustainability through global best practices. The panel also discussed a report authored by NUST’s Deputy Director of Sustainability, Barira Hanif, on landmark projects of Coca‑Cola and Coca‑Cola İçecek Pakistan - including the Paani project, Pakistan’s first plastic road, and the recent rollout of bottles made from recycled plastic (rPET). 

Vice-President of Coca‑Cola Pakistan, Fahad Ashraf said, “Nature has already laid down the blueprint for continuity – nothing goes to waste; everything is broken down into basic blocks and reused again, and again – an endless circle. We are committed to bringing in innovators, academics, activists and consumers to fast-track our journey towards a circular economy as close to the ideal as possible.”

Speaking at the event, Director Public Affairs & Communications Coca‑Cola İçecek Pakistan, Syed Omar Pakistan said “Sustainability is all about responsibility fulfilling the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of out future generations. We need to prioritize planet, environment and people in every decision taken.”

Muhammed Anwar Fareid, Director Innovation and Commercialisation Office (ICON) NUST said, “This report is an important step in taking stock of what has been done and gives us the vision of innovations yet to come as far as corporate commitments in waste management, recycling and replenishment of water go. For us, it’s important that there are more commitments sooner rather than later.”

Panelists included Babar Aziz Bhatti, Managing Director Green Earth Recycling; Barira Hanif, Deputy Director of Sustainability at NUST; Syed Omar, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Coca‑Cola İçecek Pakistan, Pervaiz Akhtar, Director Corporate Affairs Metro Cash and Carry, and Dr. Sher Jamal, Professor IESE at NUST.  

The full report can be accessed at Coca‑Cola Pakistan's website: