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Last year, The Coca‑Cola Company took bold steps to position itself for continued growth in a post-pandemic world. Our focus was on creating a portfolio of beverage brands that people love, as well as building a sustainable future for our business and planet.

“Through all of the challenges, initiatives and successes of 2021, our environmental, social and governance priorities continued to be embedded in our business and the way we work,” said James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of The Coca‑Cola Company.

“We’re focused on areas where we can have a measurable, positive impact on the communities we serve around the world. We seek an exponentially greater impact by fostering collective action: partnering across industry, government and society to address shared challenges.”

The Report documents progress on how our environmental, social and governance priorities are embedded in our business.

Water leadership

Our 2030 Water Security Strategy aims to increase water security through replenishment, smart water policies and responsible water usage throughout our supply chain.

Total beverage portfolio

Our portfolio of drinks is designed to meet consumers' beverage needs as well as leverage new formulae to reduce added sugar.

World Without Waste

By ramping up investments in partnerships with NGOs we aim to increase our use of reusable packaging by 2030, as well as drive collection rates while reducing our carbon footprint.


Our 2030 science-based target is to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25% against a 2015 baseline.

People and Communities

We are continuously working with our philanthropic arm – The Coca‑Cola Foundation – to invest in economic empowerment; diversity, equity and inclusion.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our Principles for Sustainable Agriculture seek to sustainably source all our agricultural ingredients at the farm level, help diversify supply chains and incorporate scientific developments to support farmers.