As a central ingredient in most of our beverages, the preservation and sustainable action towards water security is integral to our success as a business and the well-being of the communities we serve.

Our 2030 Water Security Strategy’s primary focus is on how we can best support the replenishment of water at a local level, advocate smart water policies as well as looking internally on how responsible water usage can be implemented across our operations.

Across our leadership locations, we have set an ambitious goal of achieving 100% regenerative water use and globally, we aim to improve water efficiency in water-stressed locations. We have and will continue to do this through three key areas:

Regenerative Water Operations:

  • Replenishing the water used in our global sales volume back to communities and nature through water projects outside our manufacturing plant boundaries.
  • Returning the water used to make our beverages back to communities and nature after we've appropriately treated it.

Watershed Management

  • To date, we have replenished over 1.75 trillion liters of water and continue to develop our supply chains to ensure they are sustainable and contribute to healthy watersheds.