Financial report for research & partnerships


At Coca‑Cola ASEAN & South Pacific, we are working to create loved brands, done sustainably, towards a better shared future for people, communities, and our planet. 

The insights and feedback of stakeholders are critical to our work and are integrated into our strategy across all our business and ESG goals.

The following page provides details on our approach to partnerships and key stakeholders with whom we engage across the ASEAN and South Pacific region.

Below is a list of research and partnerships we have supported in Australia.

For more details on our research principles visit Our Approach to Stakeholder Engagement and Research | The Coca‑Cola Company

List of research and partnerships

Title TypeOrganisationAmountYear
Building TRACTION with Optimism and Empowerment*PartnershipJoii Community Limited$24,0002019
Sea Change: Therapeutic Recreation Program*PartnershipRoyal Far West$25,0002019
Too Deadly Treadly Cycling Program*PartnershipFar North Queensland Hospital Foundation$25,0002019
Building Resilience in Young People*PartnershipPhoenix House Youth Services Incorporated$25,0002019
Trends in Beverage ConsumptionResearchAustralian Beverages Council Ltd$41,1202019
Exercise 4A/18 - A new direction for youth at risk*PartnershipOperation Flinders Foundation Inc.$16,5002018
Riding to Freedom*PartnershipTAD$13,4302018
2018 Youth Snow Sports Camp*Partnership Cerebral Palsy Alliance$20,8422018
2 Deadly Treadlys*PartnershipFar North Queensland Hospital Foundation$25,0002018
Get STARTed!*PartnershipSTART Foundation$25,0002018
Evaluation of Sugar Reduction Trial*ResearchWestern Sydney University$74,9402018
Battle of the Border*PartnershipTouch Football Specialised Inc.$3,3402017
Expansion of Modified Rugby Program (MRP)-Colts*PartnershipGingerCloud Foundation Ltd$25,0002017
Improving Physical and Mental Health*PartnershipSports Challenge Australia$25,0002017
Dance Unlimited*PartnershipCPL – Choice, Passion, Life (Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland)$24,8002016
Snow Sports Camp*PartnershipCerebral Palsy Alliance$22,4522016
Wheelchair Sports NSW 2017 Junior Wheelies' Christmas Camp*PartnershipWheelchair Sports New South Wales Incorporated$11,5442016
Athlete Leadership Program*PartnershipSpecial Olympics Melbourne Inner East$10,0002015
Building youth buoyancy through blind swimming*PartnershipBlind Sports and Recreation Victoria$9,7502015
Empowering Young People*PartnershipCommunities @ Work$9,9002015
Get Involved*PartnershipAustralian Paralympic Committee$75,0002015
Hoop Dreams*PartnershipE-Focus as Heidelberg Training and Resource Centre$9,6902015
Junior Wheelchair Sports Program*PartnershipWheelchair Sports NSW$9,8582015
L2R Dance Safari*PartnershipL2R Next Gen Inc$10,0002015
Project Re-Boot*PartnershipAustralian Circus and Physical Theatre Association$10,0002015
South West High School (Bicycle) Tour*PartnershipK-Equip Ltd$10,0002015
The Shack Youth Services - Health and wellbeing program*PartnershipBenevolent Society$10,0002015
Research Agreement to support METEx Energy Balance research project, to investigate the effects of exercise intensity on diet, physical activity and body composition in participants with metabolic syndromeResearchUniversity of Qld$110,4732014-2015


Partnerships Included:

1. Funding provided by CCSP, The Coca‑Cola Australia Foundation, or The Coca‑Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters to entities based in Australia for health and well-being programs and communications activities conducted in Australia

*Indicates funding from The Coca‑Cola Australia Foundation.

Partnerships Excluded:

1. Programs and activities conducted outside Australia and not funded by CCSP, The Coca‑Cola Australia Foundation, or by The Coca‑Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters

2. Payments to third-party service providers for media services, advertising, and logistics in support of the “Partnerships” for Health and Well-Being Programs and Communications Activities listed

Timeframe:  1 January 2015 through 31 December 2021. 

Currency: all amounts are disclosed in AUS excluding GST. Where amounts have been converted from other currencies to AUS this has been done using an average annual aggregated exchange rate for the year in which the payment was made.