Coca‑Cola in the Community

Coca‑Cola has refreshed its community investment approach in Australia to align with the new global sustainability strategy and to support even more local issues important to our employees.

With a history of contributing over $19 million to Australian not-for-profit organisations since 2002, the goal of our community investment program is to help make a positive impact and build resilient communities.

The new Coca‑Cola in the Community program has three pillars:

Across the Coca‑Cola System, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. 

Many of our people are passionate about causes and contribute with their time and resources. We want to reward and recognise these connections and through Coca‑Cola In The Community, create more meaningful connections. 

Our local work supports our global work at The Coca‑Cola Foundation which seeks to address sustainable access to water, a circular economy, climate resilience and disaster preparedness and response, economic empowerment and causes impacting our communities through grants and impact investments around the world. 


Support My Cause

Support My Cause

Support My Cause is our employee-led community investment pillar where our people can support causes they are passionate about, through grants, products or time. 

We want to recognise, reward and encourage employee connections within the community and through Support My Cause, we aim to help even more not-for-profit organisations across Australia.

There are three elements to Support My Cause

1) My Community Grants is the Coca‑Cola employee-led grant donation program. Every year, our people are encouraged to nominate causes they are passionate about to receive a financial grant. 

2) My Product Donations is a monthly donation of Coca‑Cola products to not-for-profit organisations to help support fundraising events for various causes. We welcome requests from our employees and external organisations. 

3) My Volunteer Days. We are proud to offer employees two days’ annual leave to volunteer with community organisations of their choice. Employees can choose between: Team Volunteering Days, Individual Volunteering Days and Skilled Volunteering Days. 


Impact Partnerships

Impact Partnerships

Our Impact Partnerships are focused on building resilient communities for a climate-ready future. 

These sizeable grants go beyond financial contributions and are a commitment to establishing meaningful partnerships and collaborations with organisations dedicated to driving innovative change within two areas: 

1) Environmental Sustainability: aim to forge impactful collaborations to build a more sustainable future for our planet.

2) Empowering Under-Recognised Communities: seek to uplift Under-Recognised Communities in Australia by working with organisations that foster inclusivity and address the unique needs of these communities.

We work directly with not-for-profit organisations related to these two areas to understand more about their work and partnership opportunities. 

We do not accept general unsolicited grant requests,


Disaster Relief Preparedness & Support

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Due to extreme weather conditions in Australia, communities across the country can experience sudden natural disasters.

Where we can, we want to support these communities to prepare for and recover from disasters to help reduce the suffering and enable communities to restart normal life more quickly.

We provide support to local communities in need through various ways including: 

  • Product Donations
  • Opportunity to access The Coca‑Cola Foundation Grants
  • Donation of funds to relief organisations
  • Customer support programs