How to recycle our bottles in Australia – supporting Container Deposit Schemes

Used and empty plastic bottles aren’t done when you are. We can help prevent them becoming waste by recycling them and helping them have another life.

The best way to do this is via container deposit schemes – which are available in every state and territory in mainland Australia. This means cans and bottles can be taken to collection depots and reverse vending machines around Australia, where you can claim a 10-cent refund per container.

Originally established to reduce litter, container deposit schemes have far-reaching environmental, financial and social benefits - from supporting local charities who raise funds via container refunds, to giving bottles the best chance of becoming another bottle.

Bottle to bottle recycling infrastructure in Australia is also significantly increasing. Our bottling partner CCEP is involved in the Circular Plastics Australia (PET) joint venture, in collaboration with Pact Group, Cleanaway Waste Management and Asahi Beverages. They have invested in two state-of-the-art PET plastic recycling facilities – the first opened in Albury, NSW, in 2022 and the second, located in Altona North, VIC, will open in early 2024. Combined, the two sites will have a capacity to recycle around 2 billion PET bottles each year, right here on Australian shores.

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