Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mezzo Mix soda syrups will be offered as part of a pilot project, designed to allow people to enjoy their own “perfect serve”, at home, with less packaging.


Coca‑Cola Germany has announced that, from March, they will be offering some of their most popular brands as soda syrups, allowing consumers to prepare their own drinks at home, just as they like them, simply by adding carbonated water.  As part of this trial, which supports Coca‑Cola’s ongoing efforts to provide consumers with the brands they love using less packaging, Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mezzo Mix will be available as a soda syrups for carbonated water for the first time.

Globally, Coca‑Cola is taking action across its portfolio to make all of its packaging circular and sustainable, working towards its vision and goals for a World Without Waste. This includes working to ensure that all packaging used is collected and reused or recycled by 2030, as well as using less packaging where possible.  Earlier this month, Coca‑Cola projected that by 2025, depending on business growth, it would use approximately 20% less virgin plastic derived from fossil fuels worldwide than it does today.

Fanta Orange, Sprite and Mezzo Mix all enjoy a strong and loyal following in Germany, as respective leaders of their segments.  These segments in turn account for 33% of the local soda syrup market, which offers a wide range of soda syrup flavors and brands - but until now, the consumers’ favorites have been missing.  Now, they will be able to prepare and enjoy their own drinks from these brands at home, creating their own “perfect serve”.

"We’re excited about this trial and the opportunity to provide people with the drinks they love, at home, with less packaging. These are much-loved brands in Germany and this latest evolution aims to meet consumers’ needs today, as well as our environmental goals. We’re constantly looking to try new solutions around the world, to innovate and learn from the results, and then scale where we see success and resonance with consumers”; says Bjørn Jensen, General Manager Coca‑Cola Germany, Denmark and Finland.

The soda syrups will be available online and through select retail outlets. They are offered in a 0.33 L glass bottle, from which 5 L of ready-to-drink beverage can be made.

Further pilots of dispensed solutions and services will follow across Europe in 2021.  Coca‑Cola also recently announced that it will trial its first paper bottle prototype in Europe in the second quarter of this year, as part of its work to develop and bring to market new, innovative and sustainable types of packaging in support of its World Without Waste commitments.