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The sweet news about stevia

Learn how to separate fact from fiction with our no-nonsense guide to Stevia.

Over the years we’ve created new drinks, new flavours, and new pack sizes because we believe giving you more choice will bring you more happiness. Stevia, our new zero-calorie sweetener, is the latest and most interesting way we’re doing this.

The leaves of the stevia plant are a source of intense, natural sweetness. In fact, they’re up to 200 times sweeter than table sugar and they're calorie free! It's from these leaves that we extract our sweetener.

We listened to the growing demand for more great-tasting, sweetened drinks that contain ingredients from natural origins, as well as fewer calories, so we turned to stevia. By combining it with fruit juice, sugar or other low-calorie and no-calorie sweeteners, we’ve been able to increase our range of drinks and create something for every lifestyle and occasion.

For the green-fingered among you, the stevia plant is a relative of the chrysanthemum family and native to Paraguay. It’s been grown, harvested and used in recipes by indigenous people for centuries. Now, more than 75 countries around the world use stevia sweeteners in their food and drink products which can include bread, sauces and yogurts.

We’ll continue to explore the different ways we can use our stevia sweetener to add to our list of low-calorie and no-calorie drinks. At the moment we’re using it in more than 45 products worldwide, so when it comes to picking a drink, we really can say the choice is yours!

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