Coke&Go is our refreshing new way to get ice-cold drinks on the go 24/7. It’s an easy self-service experience that allows everyone to effortlessly purchase and enjoy the full portfolio of drinks with just the scan of a phone.

It’s easy TO SET UP

Scan the QR code

Download the Coke&Go App

and register

Scan the Vending

Machine QR code

to start your purchase

Select your favourite

beverage, Grab & Enjoy!

Where you can refresh

Find Coke & GO

It’s stocked with features

Cashless purchase

Cashless purchase. Save a payment method and track your purchases and promos. 

Contactless payment.

Enjoy a clean, convenient,  touch-free experience.

Great variety.

Unlock a wide range of your favourites.

Cool rewards.

Earn points every time you  purchase a drink