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As a global company, we recognise our role to use our platform to help solve some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. 

Our sustainability goals are inherently interconnected and address all areas of our business. 

From packaging to water, climate targets to sustainable agriculture, providing more choice in our portfolio to driving positive social impact - we focus on actions where we can make a difference.

Sustainability Efforts

It Starts With a Bottle

In October 2023, a bottle from our bottling plant located outside Lisburn, Northern Ireland, landed on a shelf in a store somewhere in Ireland. This one marked an important milestone.

It Starts With a Bottle

Ireland's Green Leap Forward

Discover Re-turn, Ireland’s new Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), a huge step towards keeping our environment clean and green.

Ireland's green leap forwards

Green means something. Clear should, too.

The colour of our iconic Sprite plastic bottle has changed. Taking colours out of the material means that clear plastic Sprite bottles now have a higher chance of being recycled.

Green means something. Clear should, too.

The Inner Strength of Cardboard

Throughout history, paper and cardboard have helped to provide new possibilities, and sustainably sourced cardboard is now helping us at Coca‑Cola provide new solutions to packaging challenges.

The Inner Strenght of Cardboard

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