Have you noticed those new vending machines crunching away bottles and cans at the corner of your local store, and giving out little tickets? It’s all part of the introduction of Re-turn, Ireland’s new Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), a huge step towards keeping our environment clean and green, and a big part of the plan for better recycling.

If you haven’t tried it, you need to get going! Every time you buy a drink in a plastic bottle or aluminium can these days with the new Re-turn logo, you're giving a little extra over: 15c or 25c to be precise - with a promise to bring it back. Once you’ve enjoyed your drink, bring the empty container back to any store that’s participating. So long as it’s in good nick, you get your deposit back. That’s going to add up to a serious chunk of change over time.

Why are we so happy about this you ask? For Coca‑Cola, it's our fast track to a world where we don't just throw bottles and cans away—we give them a new life, many lives in fact. And, with a track record of success by bottle and can return schemes in other European countries, we're confident this move will significantly better our recycling game, cut down on litter and bring down carbon emissions.

So next time you’re reaching for your favourite drink, keep an eye out for the Re-turn logo and a little ‘Return Me’ nudge on our products. It’s our way of cheering you on to Return, Refund, and Recycle. 

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