women drinking a bottle of fanta zero sugar

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How it Works

  1. Download​ or open the Coca‑Cola App
  2. Play the Fanta Ride N Sip game
  3. Unlock a FREE Fanta Orange voucher

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Dive into the world of Fanta with our new campaign and head to the Coca‑Cola App to play our new immersive 'Ride N Sip' game! Take off on Fanta's virtual rollercoaster ride, full of taste and fun, to get yourself a free Fanta Orange.

Fanta Ride 'n' Sip

Enter your orange-est era

Present in over 190 countries, Fanta is the world's biggest multi-flavored brand. Let yourself be surprised by the many bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing variations, all made with natural flavors.

A taste of pure fun!

Fanta formulas vary from country to country across Europe.

Fanta Zero Sugar Ride 'n' Sip

This coupon is valid against any Fanta Orange Zero 500ml (only Northern Ireland) and any Fanta Orange 500ml Regular or Fanta Orange 1.75ml (only in ROI). Only available for redemption in Tesco stores. Number of Entries: Only 2 coupons per person. Promotional period to claim a coupon code is 31/05/2024 – 05/07/2024 or until the codes are depleted, whichever is sooner*. Once you have claimed a coupon code from the Coca‑Cola App, the last date for activation and redemption is 22/10/2024*. Only one coupon may be used per product purchased. May not be used in conjunction with another coupon. May not be altered, reproduced, sold, transferred or auctioned. Retailers may not allow coupons to be redeemed at Self Checkouts without manual intervention from the cashier. Retailers may limit only two coupons of the same type and value to be redeemed in one transaction. Note*: We advise only activating theTesco coupon once you are in-store. You will only have 1 hour to use your Tesco coupon once you have activated it.