6 easy ways to keep our coasts clean

Read about all the steps we're taking to address the problem of ocean plastic.

Unclean waters and coastlines affect the health and happiness of our wildlife. They also make coastal areas less beautiful for us to enjoy. We can all make some everyday choices that help keep our wonderful coasts clean. Here are 6 easy ways for you to get involved.

1. Take your litter home to recycle

The United Nation estimates that 8 million litter items enter the sea each day, affecting marine life and spoiling the beauty of our coastline. That’s why it’s so important to leave no trace behind you after a picnic at the beach. Make sure to take all your litter home and recycle it.

2. Ditch the face scrub

The tiny microbeads in face wash and exfoliators are too small to filter and aren’t biodegradable. This means these micro pieces of plastic flow from your bathroom drain and into the ocean, where sea creatures eat and absorb them.

Buy a natural exfoliator, or you can even make one yourself by adding sugar to your normal cleanser.

3. Think before you flush

Sanitary products and other items cause problems in our marine environment and wastewater systems if they‘re flushed down the toilet. Always put your sanitary products in a bin so they don’t end up in our seas.

4. Take care of sand dunes

Planting vegetation like marram grass along the edges of the beach helps to trap sand. These sand dunes act as a natural barrier, protecting the coast from erosion.

5. Spread the word

One of the biggest parts of conservation is raising awareness. Help educate others about the importance of clean coasts, and if you’re heading to a clean-up event then make sure you tell your friends and family about it.

6. Find a clean-up event near you

Whether you have a whole day to spare on a big beach clean, or just two minutes for a quick clean-up, why not join in with one of the Coca‑Cola Clean Coast events?