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Find out everything about our efforts to protect and replenish water reserves across Ireland, alongside sustainable global ingredient sourcing.

Water is our main ingredient. It’s also vital to our production process where it’s used for rinsing, heating, cooling and washing.

We take water conservation seriously, not just for the future of our drinks but for the future of our planet. We believe there’s enough water to meet everyone’s needs but only if we all improve on using what we have. We know we have an important role to play.

Our goal is to return to communities and nature an amount of water equivalent to what we use by the end of the year. We are working to establish a truly water-sustainable business.

We are focusing our efforts in three areas – when it comes to water, our mantra is “reduce, recycle, replenish”. Here are the actions we’re taking across our supply chain in Ireland:


  • We’re continually looking for ways to reduce the amount of water we need to make our drinks. In Ireland, we use less than 1.69 litres of water for every litre of drink we make. That’s one of the lowest levels in the whole of the Coca Cola system
  • We’re recycling the water we use for manufacturing and returning it to the environment safely. Our bottling plant in Northern Ireland has an on-site wastewater treatment facility, so any water we release is suitable for farming and won’t harm plants and fish 
  • We’re giving back to communities through local water initiatives. We sponsor the Green Coast Awards each year and help organise community coastal clean-ups (encouraging our employees to get involved as volunteers, too).

Improving our water efficiency

Although we have significantly improved our efficiency, we cannot reduce the amount of water in the drinks themselves. As we produce greater volume of drinks, we will use more water, making it ever more important to improve our water efficiency and invest in the latest technology.

In our bottling plants, we closely monitor our water sources, minimising the amount of water we withdraw from local surroundings. By installing special technology on our production lines we’ve been able to improve our water efficiency. In Northern Ireland we have improved water efficiency by over 30% since 2008, and have plans in place to continue to do so year on year by investing in new technology and implementing behavioural changes.