Time's up! All that's left is to cross your fingers and hope your guess was spot on. Let's find out if your wacky and wild submissions were correct.

The Apple Pie flavour is finally here!

Through a wild, wacky and wonderful journey of a thousand sips and a couple of guesses, you finally unlocked the new Apple Pie Fanta flavour. You put your inner chef and detective to work with each clue. Was it easy? No! But was it iconic and worth it? Of course! Find out if your #WhatTheFanta guesses brought you closer to the correct answers.

Your Limited Digital Clues have unlocked an exciting new flavour!

Thank you for collecting the Limited Digital Clues that have counted in your favour on this mysterious journey. How many clues do you think you got right? Well, there's only one way to find out. Check out the answers to every clue that was dropped. Let's be honest for a second - the #WhatTheFanta hunt wouldn't have been as delicious if it wasn't for the Digital Clues helping and  slightly throwing you off along the way.

We couldn't have done it without @ajib_gathoni

Having a fave like @ajib_gathoni lead us on the mysterious #WhatTheFanta hunt was just the kind of fun we needed. Check out @ajib_gathoni social media channels to see if her guesses were correct or a decoy.