Best Coke Ever

75%* of Norwegians voted Coca‑Cola Uten Sukker as the undisputed king of Coca‑Cola.


There is no longer any doubt, nor questionmark. Coca‑Cola Uten Sukker IS the Best Coke Ever. From its icy peaks and enchanting fjords, we asked you to tell us, and Norway has spoken! As the first country in the world to decide, an astounding 75% of Norwegians have cast their vote in favour of Coca‑Cola Uten Sukker. 

This monumental victory is rooted in an impressive sampling tour, visiting 10 cities and handing out more than 550,000 150ml cans of Coca‑Cola Uten Sukker for Norwegian to #TakeATaste. But it’s not over yet…we have room for more. 

Celebrate with us as we raise a glass of Coca‑Cola Uten Sukker. Join us on October 7th at Stortorvet in Oslo where we can toast to a sweet, fizzy and zero-sugar triumph. Here’s to the Best Coke Ever!

Survey conducted in Norway between 08.05.23 – 13.08.23, online and at sampling activations. 35,861 of 48,013 consumers voted that Coca‑Cola Uten Sukker is the Best Coke Ever, compared to other Coke-registered products.