What is Coca‑Cola's approach to water use and conservation?

At Coca‑Cola, we have a responsibility to use water as respectfully and efficiently as possible. We put water protection plans in place so our presence doesn't harm communities' vital water resources.

  • We return 100% of the water we use around the world to communities and nature. We achieved that goal in 2015 and plan to maintain it as the business grows.
  • In 2017, our water savings improved for the 15th consecutive year—up 15% since 2010. That’s a 29.3% improvement since 2004 when we started reporting water savings throughout our global system.
  • By 2020, we aim to save 25% more water in manufacturing operations compared with a 2010 baseline.

To learn more about our work in the water conservation space, please visit the Water Stewardship page.