What is the difference between artificial sweeteners and sugar?

Artificial sweeteners (sometimes called sugar alternatives) can replace sugar in foods and drinks to give you a sweet taste but with few or no calories. They are often several hundred times sweeter than sugar. So compared to sugar, only a little is needed for the same sweet taste.

We use sugar substitutes because while sugar in moderation is fine, too much sugar isn’t good for anyone. We know people have concerns about eating or drinking too much sugar. That is why we’re taking action should you want less of it. This includes reducing sugar in more than 500 drinks around the world.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

Yes. We are always rethinking many of our recipes to give you options with less sugar and fewer or no calories. To do this, we use a range of artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes, like Stevia leaf extract and aspartame. Each has its own unique taste and is often several hundred times sweeter than sugar. So compared to sugar, only a little is needed for the same sweet taste.

*While sugar also has 16 calories per teaspoon, you don't need as much aspartame to get the same sweet taste you love.

Which artificial sweeteners does The Coca‑Cola Company use?

We use a number of different sugar alternatives in our drinks, including:

  • Acesulfame potassium
    • Brand names - Sweet One®, Sunett®
    • Calories – 0
    • Sweetness - 200x sweeter than sugar
  • Aspartame
    • Brand names - Nutrasweet®, Equal®
    • Calories – 16 calories per teaspoon*
    • Sweetness - 200x sweeter than sugar
  • Stevia leaf extract
    • Brand names - Truvia®, PureVia®
    • Calories – 0 calories per teaspoon
    • 200x to 400x sweeter than sugar
  • Sucralose
    • Brand names - SPLENDA®
    • 0 calories per teaspoon
    • 600x sweeter than sugar

Why does The Coca‑Cola Company use artificial sweeteners?

We want to give you choices, so you can decide what’s right for your lifestyle and diet. We offer more than 800 beverages in the U.S. Of these, 250 are reduced- or no-sugar.

We want to give you great-tasting choices with fewer or no calories. We also use sugar substitutes because they are confirmed safe by the FDA and thoroughly tested in scientific studies.

Can drinking soft drinks with sugar alternatives make you fat?

No. Sugar alternatives are used in place of sugar in many foods and drinks to provide people with a reduced, low, or no sugar and calorie option. Because sugar alternatives provide a sweet taste with few or no calories, they can help people manage their calorie intake.

We believe that a balanced lifestyle is key to successful weight management. We use sugar alternatives in some of our products because we know that many people want the choice of great tasting beverages with less sugar and fewer calories.

All our beverages can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Can low-calorie or zero sugar drinks can make you crave other sweet things?

Many people enjoy sweet tastes from time to time, and that’s normal. The sweet taste of [Coca‑Cola Light / Diet Coke] is an important part of what makes it unique. We believe that when all the research is taken into account, it shows that sugar alternatives used in drinks like [Coca‑Cola Light / Diet Coke] do not increase people’s appetite for sweet things.

It’s important to us to make sure that we offer a wide range of beverage choices that suit different tastes and lifestyles.

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