The Coca-Cola Foundation and CARE International

The Coca‑Cola Foundation and CARE International - Effective Emergency Relief for Flood Affectees


The unprecedented Pakistan floods require a united global response. Last month, The Coca‑Cola Foundation, the global philanthropic arm of The Coca‑Cola Company, gave a grant of USD 250,000 to CARE International.

Through The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s grant, CARE International is effectively focusing on the provision of shelter kits, non-food items, and hygiene kits (including menstrual hygiene supplies) in Jaffarabad, Balochistan. Women’s hygiene and elderly-headed households are being prioritized as they are in the most vulnerable state after the disaster. 

Saadia Madsbjerg, President of The Coca‑Cola Foundation said, “The sheer scale of damage across Pakistan owing to the ongoing catastrophic floods is unprecedented. Led by the dedicated team at CARE, The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s grant will be directed towards emergency flood relief in Balochistan.”

“CARE International in Pakistan is one of the few organizations who have been on ground providing life-saving assistance to flood-affected families since the onset of the emergency. The needs of the affected communities are huge as one third of Pakistan is under water and every passing day is bringing more challenges for the communities as in many areas the water is stagnant, creating health hazard. This large emergency requires coordinated efforts between government, I/NGOs, and donors, including corporates. CARE has partnered with The Coca‑Cola Foundation for provision of immediate relief to the flood affected population, particularly women and children.” said Adil Sheraz, Country Director at CARE International in Pakistan.

“We have been in dire need of resources to help us face this disaster and I am grateful to The Coca‑Cola Foundation and CARE who have supported us during this time” said one of the floods affectee, Shabbir Ahmed.