Front view of four open wet Coca-Cola Original Taste glass bottles on top of a wooden table.


Quality assurance is at the heart of Coca‑Cola, ensuring that every sip of our product is equally refreshing every day.

Consumers across the globe trust The Coca‑Cola Company to deliver refreshing, high quality products. Quality shows itself in every action we take; it encompasses everything that we do. Each person within the Coca‑Cola system takes this mission seriously and works tirelessly to ensure that our system keeps its promise of quality products and services.

For us, quality is more than a measure and is present in much more than just what you taste and what you see. Quality is key in every step during the production of our beverages and the materials in which they are packaged. We aim to deliver perfect products that are trusted everywhere. And to do this we continually review and improve our internal standards.

We believe that quality is the cornerstone of our success. To us to fulfill our promise of quality and ensure the satisfaction of our customers and consumers every day remains our first priority.