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7-Eleven and Coca‑Cola Singapore to launch first crossover store in Singapore

Work, play and relax in the heart of town, with the fun & convenient 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola


Singapore, 16 September 2020 – 7-Eleven, Singapore’s favourite convenience store, has teamed up with Coca‑Cola Singapore to launch the first 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola crossover store in Singapore. The Coca‑Cola Pit Stop housed in a convenience store not only showcases the popular beverage brand, but also gives a fun and convenient experience. 7-Eleven will also be launching its delicious fresh and hot chicken selections in Singapore at this unique crossover store, keeping customers well-fed and happy.

Located at the House of Eden (4 Robinson Road) at the heart of Raffles Place and spanning two levels, the crossover store is designed in Coca‑Cola’s eye-catching and iconic red. It is focused on helping customers ‘relax and refresh’, while being immersed in the exuberant environment created by the two fun-loving brands.

Level 1: A bright red splash in the little red dot

Before customers enter the store, they will be welcomed by a giant Coca‑Cola Splash Tree that depicts the refreshing beverages offered by Coca‑Cola, and a Nostalgic Zone, with the famous Coca‑Cola Cooler and vintage Coca‑Cola wooden crates. Customers can then head straight to the retail area for their daily purchases, grab a bite from 7-Eleven’s wide range of ready-to-eat meals and 7-Select snacks, or access the various essential services that 7-Eleven provides.

7-Eleven is also excited to kick-off its inaugural launch of the delicious fresh and hot chicken selections in Singapore at the store - with super crispy chicken, chicken drumsticks and wings, hot and spicy chicken drumlets, and chicken cutlets. These delectable offerings start from only 50 cents for the nuggets to only.

$1.50 for chicken cutlets and drumsticks. Perfect for a quick protein hit.

The store will also offer a special range of fresh baked goods for an instant energy boost between meals, including the Butter Croissant, Cocoa Hazelnut Croissant, Pain Au Raisin, Tomato Cheese Tart, Angus Beef Pie, Pure Butter Madeleine and Citrus madeleine. These delicious bakes will range from just $1.80 to $4.50.

Level 2: relax and refresh with Coca‑Cola

The 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola adventure continues with a short walk up the Coca‑Cola-branded staircase, guided by LED-strips illuminating each stair panel and striking visuals on the stair wall. On level 2, customers will be pleasantly surprised by a customised 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola Pit-Stop wall that pays homage to everything ‘Uniquely Singapore’, from familiar Singaporean colloquial phrases to hawker centre staples, and well-known landmarks. 7-Eleven specialities such as Mr Softee, Slurpees and the 7Cafe are also featured as part of the eclectic mural!

Following the thoughtfully designed layout, customers are encouraged to relax and refresh their day at the Chilling and Pit-Stop area where charging points are provided. Alternatively, they can let their hair down at the Gift Catcher zone by challenging friends to win fantastic 7-Eleven and Coca‑Cola prizes at two special claw machines. To keep things fresh for customers and fans, these prizes will be updated regularly, and include foldable bikes, picnic tables, a 20-inch luggage, beverage tumblers, sandwiches and packed meals, mini polar bear toys, and phone rings. Tokens to play these games will be provided with a minimum spend of $7 at the retail area (which will have to include the purchase of any participating product – Coca- Cola, Sprite, A&W).

The second level also has attention-grabbing designs and interesting wall panels that illustrate the distinctive elements of the Coca‑Cola brand. A photo-opportunity area with cut-outs such as polar bears, Coca‑Cola bottles, and unique lighting that enhances the trick-eye effect are perfect backdrops for some wacky snapshots.

“As the leader in the local convenience store sector, 7-Eleven is proud to be partnering with Coca‑Cola Singapore to bring to life a brand-new crossover concept for our young and trend-conscious target audience. Through this collaboration, we will further strengthen our position as a fun and innovative brand and create talk-of-the-town experiences for our customers,” said Steven Lye, Managing Director of 7-Eleven Singapore.

“Many Singaporeans have grown up with the Coca‑Cola brand. Today, the convenience store culture has also become an intrinsic part of our fast-paced lifestyles as it’s a place where they can purchase essentials and gain access to a wide range of services. That’s why we have launched the Coca‑Cola Pit Stop with 7- Eleven here in Singapore, leveraging the strength of our brands and technology. Here, they can re- energise within a safe environment that truly embodies the Coca‑Cola brand. This is our way of not only giving customers meaningful experiences that cannot be replaced, but also, inspiring them,” said Chris Tan, Commercial Director, Coca‑Cola Singapore Beverages.

To ensure a safe environment for customers during this second phase of reopening, safe distancing and enhanced hygiene measures have been put in place. There will be a maximum of 10 people in the store at any one time.

To celebrate the launch, customers will receive a limited-edition Coca‑Cola tumbler with the purchase of four Coca‑Cola 500ml bottles in a single receipt. Customers may choose between the Coca‑Cola Original Taste, Coca‑Cola No Sugar and Coca‑Cola Vanilla. The promotion is only available at the 7-Eleven X Coca- Cola crossover store and valid till 30 September 2020, while stock lasts.

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About 7-Eleven

Established in Singapore in 1983, 7-Eleven has since expanded to 400 stores island-wide to become the leading 24-hour convenience chain store. We take pride in serving the Singapore community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 7-Eleven emphasises convenience and value by offering a wide array of quality products, food and services to satisfy the needs of consumers. Think 7-Eleven and what comes to mind are the refreshing Slurpee, Big Gulp and 7Café as well as a wide range of quality Ready Meals and sandwiches under 7-Select. 7-Eleven is also a 24/7 one-stop destination for customers who need to access bill payment services in their own time. Our services cover payment of utilities, courier, ticketing and even cash withdrawal.

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About Coca‑Cola Singapore

The Coca‑Cola system in Singapore manufactures, markets and distributes more than 40 different beverages options in Singapore, of which 60 percent are lower or no sugar options to help people in Singapore enjoy the great tastes they know and love while managing their sugar intake. In addition to our namesake Coca‑Cola drinks, some of our leading brands in Singapore include: Fanta, Sprite, A&W, Schweppes, Minute Maid juices, Aquarius isotonic drinks, Heaven and Earth teas, Authentic Tea House, Georgia coffee, Dasani waters, glacéau vitaminwater and Zico coconut water. Coca‑Cola has been refreshing Singaporeans for over 80 years and is committed to making a lasting, positive difference in the local community.

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Annex 1

Bake off products:

  • Super crispy chicken (3 for $2 / 80 cents per pc)
  • Chicken drumstick ($1.50 each)
  • Chicken wing ($1.50 each)
  • Chicken nugget (5 for $2 / 50 cents per pc)
  • Seaweed chicken (3 for $2/ 80 cents per pc)
  • Chicken cutlet ($1.50 each)
  • Hot & Spicy drumlet ($1 each)
  • Butter croissant ($2 each)
  • Cocoa hazelnut croissant ($2.50 each),
  • Pain au raisin ($2.50 each)
  • Tomato cheese tart ($2 each)
  • Angus beef pie ($4.50 each)
  • Pure butter madeleine ($1.80 each)
  • Citrus madeleine ($1.80 each)

Annex 2

Entrance: Customers are welcomed by a Coca‑Cola Splash Tree and the 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola neon signs

7-Eleven retail section: Grab a bite or access the various essential services at the 7-Eleven retail section

Branded staircase: The 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola crossover store adventure continues with a short walk up the Coca‑Cola-branded staircase, guided by LED-strips illuminating each stair panel

Layout of the second level: The 7-Eleven X Coca‑Cola crossover store has attention-grabbing designs and interesting wall panels that illustrate the distinctive elements of the Coca‑Cola brand. Customers can enjoy a snack/beverage at the chilling area, where they can play a game of foosball and relax on beanbags.

Gift catcher area: Stand to win attractive Coca‑Cola premiums and prizes at the gift catcher area. Tokens to participate in these games will be provided upon purchase of Coca‑Cola products from the retail area.

Feature walls: The cut-outs and unique lighting are perfect backdrops for some photo-taking fun