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Win K-Wave Concert Tickets

Catch Stray Kids, ITZY, NMIXX live in Incheon, South Korea!

Zero Sugar goes K-Pop

You have your favorite K-Pop group. You have your favorite Coca‑Cola® Zero Sugar. Put them together – and meet Coca‑Cola® K-Wave.

Coca‑Cola® K-Wave is officially crashing over the world.

This one’s for you, K-Pop lovers. We’ve bottled that universal starstruck feeling when you see your idols in real life. This drink is inspired by your infinite devotion to the music that lifts you onto a higher level.

Ready up, K-Pop fans.

The next Coca‑Cola® Creation is about to take the spotlight. K-Pop stans, can you guess who we’ll be featuring with this one?


Grab the most exclusive Y3000 pieces, created in partnership with one of the most exciting purveyors of futuristic goods - AMBUSH.

2023, get ready to wear the Year 3000. Inspired by optimism, our Y3000 Capsule Collection gives you the chance to wear the future wherever you go. Cop one of the pieces from the Y3000 capsule collection and bring your outfits straight into the year 3000.

The future is here: the Limited Edition Coca‑Cola® Y3000 has arrived!

World, meet Coca‑Cola Y3000! Co-created with AI, this is your chance to taste the Year 3000 today, showing you what a future full of positivity and optimism could look like.

Created using the power of Human Creativity and Artificial Intelligence, this Limited Edition Coca‑Cola Creations brings the future into today’s world and takes you on a journey into what a future built by humanity and technology could feel like.

The Coca‑Cola flavour of the future is being generated.

A new Coca‑Cola® Creations is forming. Are you excited to taste it? Check back soon for an exciting new Coca‑Cola® Creations unlike any other.

Your Journey with Coca‑Cola Ultimate is Almost Complete

The match is almost over. Taste the +XP with Coca‑Cola Ultimate before it's too late.

Limited Edition Coca‑Cola Ultimate Has Entered the Game

New mission available: Taste the +XP with latest collab from Coca‑Cola Creations and League of Legends.

LOADING: Coca‑Cola Creations x League of Legends

Prepare yourself for a journey with a vision of Real Magic the world has never seen. Coming soon.

Ready For A Feeling That Lasts Forever?​

Launch this experience and watch your emotions transform into a shareable work of digital art, as you vibe to Marshmello’s latest track “Numb” with Khalid, and become a Mello Masterpiece.

It’s Showtime: Game for Mello

Join Marshmello’s Twitch mission. Live now!

Join Twitch streamer Loserfruit and help Marshmello on his mission to find his missing mix, where at the end of the quest you will be able to receive Coca‑Cola X Mashmello digital collectibles.

Game for Mello?

Join Marshmello’s Twitch Mission on July 10th at 5:00AM.

Starting at 5:00 AM, join Twitch streamer Loserfruit and help Marshmello on his mission to find his missing mix, where at the end of the quest you will be able to receive Coca‑Cola X Marshmello digital collectibles.

The Artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition

The mic is about to drop for good. Taste the good vibes now before it’s gone.

Available Now: The Artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca‑Cola

Taste our new collaboration with Marshmello, featuring a mix of strawberry and watermelon flavors with a great Coca‑Cola taste. Mello made it right!​

The Artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca‑Cola

Get ready to taste our latest Coca‑Cola CreationTM featuring Marshmello. Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t taste like marshmallow. Available August 1.

Coca‑Cola Starshine™ Has Landed

Taste the stars today with limited-release Coca‑Cola Starshine™.

You hold the celestial power of the universe in your hand. Discover what it is like to drink Starshine™, on Earth for a brief encounter. Infinite possibilities are yours when the ever-cool, indulgent flavor of space hits the #RealMagic of our great Coca‑Cola taste. It's red hue sparkles by the magic of space. Transport yourself to a new galaxy with each sip. Discover the sensation before it’s gone. Find it near you.

Coca‑Cola Starshine™ is Coming

The taste of limitless possibilities is approaching orbit. Trajectory: Planet Earth.

From the furthest reaches of the galaxy, Coca‑Cola Starshine™ is arriving. The flavors of unknown stars twirl together with the great taste of Coca‑Cola for an experience unlike any other. Where will it transport you? Unexpectedly indulgent, its red hue sparkles and tastes like magic. Prepare to drink the stars. Join in to be notified when Coca‑Cola Starshine™ arrives for a brief visit in May.