Close up shot of a filled glass with clear beverage and ice

Reducing sugar

100% of our marketing features low- or no-sugar products

We invest in marketing campaigns to drive behavior change towards low and no-sugar options such as Coca‑Cola No Sugar and our Authentic Tea House range.

Detail of a hand holding a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar bottle

We’re helping consumers make informed choices

From clear front-of-pack labelling and Healthier Choice Symbols on our products, we make sure choosing a healthier drink is easy.

Shot of the nutritional values table on the back of a Coke Zero and Coke Classic can

Smaller packs mean drinks in the right amount for you

We've a variety of pack sizes from 180ml mini cans to 320ml cans for some of popular beverages Coca‑Cola and Sprite.

Shelf showing a variety of Coca-Cola products and packagings