A man working on a factory production line with multiple Sprite bottles

Sustainable Packaging

Our mission is to create a World Without Waste.

The Coca‑Cola Company has set a number of World Without Waste goals to collect and recycle the equivalent of a bottle or can for every one the company sells by 2030; to make 100% of its packaging recyclable globally by 2025; and to use at least 50% recycled material in its packaging by 2030.

We believe every package should have more than one life

We're increasingly using recycled PET (rPET) in our packaging and launched a clear Sprite bottle with 10% rPET.


Sprite bottle

Raising awareness on environmental sustainability among youth

Since 2016, we've partnered with the Singapore Environment Council on environmental community outreach programs with schools, educating the young on the importance of recycling.

People in uniforms collecting waste in a forest

Addressing the issue of marine debris

We work with the Singapore Paddle Club to conduct regular beach clean-ups, supporting our vision for a World Without Waste.

A beach shore during day light