List of Health Professionals and Scientific Experts


List of Health Professionals and Scientific Experts

As part of our transparent reporting around our support of scientific research and health and well-being partnerships, Coca‑Cola Canada is also sharing the list of health professionals and scientific experts with whom we have collaborated and consulted. Coca‑Cola provides funding to these experts for their efforts to share scientific expertise, practical nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle information with consumers and/or health professionals. They state their own views and disclose their relationship with The Coca‑Cola Company.

Below is a list of the experts Coca‑Cola Canada has worked with from 2010-2018. The total amount of funding provided to these experts during this time, including experts who did not consent to disclosure, is $25,269 The funding included support for travel related expenses as well as professional fees.

"Luke Corey, RD**

Lindsay Jang, RD

Lisa Rutledge, RD

John Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, FRCPC**"

** The Coca‑Cola Company and its U.S. Corporate headquarters also worked with organizations and individuals based in Canada. In some cases, this funding was provided by The Coca‑Cola Company to the individual and the organization and is therefore listed on the U.S. disclosure website

Several individuals with whom we worked in the past have declined to have their names listed. The aggregate amount of funding provided to these individuals over the past nine years is approximately $15,208.

"The listing of an individual –

          1. Does not imply that he/she currently has any relationship with The Coca‑Cola Company; and

          2. Implies no endorsement of The Coca‑Cola Company or its products."

Currency: All amounts are disclosed in CAD excluding HST. Where amounts have been converted from other currencies to CAD this has been done using an average annual exchange rate for the year in which the payment was made.