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Try the refreshed DASANI®

You need this in your life. DASANI brings great taste with a pleasing design for a water worth savouring.

Dasani. Refreshed. Enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Dasani.

The Coldest-est Ever

Introducing new Sprite Chill, an innovation of flavour with a cooling sensation that intensifies with every sip.

Limited Edition Sprite Chill Cherry Lime. Obey Your Thirst.

we’ve refreshed

it’s the same smart hydration with a smart new look – because sometimes you just gotta refresh.

A man and woman smiling while holding bottles of smartwater.


In every can of AHA, you’ll discover two delicious flavours paired in a fresh and surprising way. Try them all and put some sparkle in your day.

A big mountain towers over a lake with people talking on a dockside

The simplicity of nature is at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve got a whole lot more than just orange juice. But also, our orange juice is really, really good.

Three women in red Coca-Cola sweatshirts smiling as they carry garbage bags

Sprite Obey Days Coming Every Thursday

Every Thursday, Sprite is releasing exclusive content to help you Obey Your Thirst.

Sprite Obey Days

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