Introducing Sprite Chill: The Coldest-est in the Game

Limited Edition Sprite Chill Cherry Lime. Obey Your Thirst.

Sprite Chill Fuses Cherry-Lime Flavour with Cooling Technology for Unique Multisensorial Experience

Sprite is dropping its “coldest-est” yet, just as temperatures heat up heading into summer.

Sprite Chill adds a deliciously refreshing twist of cherry-lime to the brand’s signature lemon-lime taste, accentuated by a proprietary blend of cooling agents to deliver a uniquely elevated sensory experience.

“Sprite understands that people's lifestyles and tastes are ever-changing and the introduction of Sprite Chill is just one way that the brand is innovating to keep pace with its consumers and deliver on a unique beverage experience,” said Jacques Blanchet, Director of Integrated Marketing for Coca‑Cola Ltd. in Canada. “This limited-time-only beverage amplifies the refreshing flavour Sprite fans love with a cooling sensation that intensifies with every sip. Prepare to get chills!”

Sprite Chill and Sprite Chill Zero Sugar, which will be available in North America through July while supplies last, follows a string of fan favorite LTO offerings like last year Sprite Lymonade Legacy.

The Coca‑Cola Company’s R&D team went through several rounds of development and testing before landing on the optimal ratio of cherry-lime flavour and cooling intensity. Sprite Chill is designed to deliver waves of refreshment, with the cooling sensation building from the first sip to the last.

While similar technology is used in confectionary and baking, Sprite Chill is the first-ever sparkling soft drink to deliver a cooling sensation without an accompanying mint flavour.

“Consumers today are looking for multisensorial beverage experiences, so we saw a unique opportunity to elevate the crisp, refreshing taste Sprite fans expect with a first-of-its-kind cooling sensation,” said Felicity Boucetla, Senior Director, Product Development for Sparkling Flavours.

An equally innovative creative campaign will launch Sprite Chill, anchored with eye-catching packaging combining an icy blue and frosted cherry colour palette and jagged iceberg-inspired graphics. 

“This was a fun creative brief to work on because Sprite Chill is an intrinsic-led innovation platform,” said A.P. Chaney, Senior Creative Director, Sparkling Flavours. “The cooling sensation technology inspired us to lean in to the ‘ice-cold’ colloquialism, a cultural double-entendre for Gen Z consumers—that implies being at the top of your game.”