rainwater catchment pond in Indonesia

Water is a priority for The Coca‑Cola Company because it is essential to life, our beverages and the communities we serve.

Water is also critical to public health, food security, biodiversity and the climate crisis. The world is experiencing increased water scarcity, with demands for safe, usable water exceeding supply in certain areas.

We have operations nearly everywhere in the world - in more than 200 countries and territories. That means we have a responsibility to accelerate our efforts to help address water stress, protect local water resources and help build community climate resilience - communities' ability to adapt to these changing conditions.

Key Goals of our 2030 Water Security Strategy

Our 2030 Water Security Strategy is focused on accelerating the actions needed to increase water security where we operate, source ingredients and touch people's lives.

 A woman cupping clean water with her hands

Business & Sustainability Report

Water Leadership

We contribute toward sustainable, clean water access that improves livelihoods and wellbeing while protecting against water-related disasters. We also work to preserve nature and biodiversity as well to promote advanced water management practices.

Villagers in Pakistan wash their hands with clean water harvested from rain