Snack in the name of play

Man drinking fanta and eating nachos

Make your snacking playful with Fanta!

Don’t forget to download or access to Coca‑Cola App and start now to play for winning the yummiest prizes with Fanta. 

McDonald's meal pack

Stylish sippers, show us your colorful combos

Let’s have some colorful fun. Discover how worldwide creators are interpreting Fanta latest mission and create your unique orange combo with a Fanta, a matching snack, and a matching dress to impress.

Woman drinking Fanta through straw

Snacksperimenters, unleash your snackcreativity

Same old snacking got you feeling "blah"? Let's try something new. Do your best impression of a mad scientist and show us which of your snack experiments does the best job of tickling your tastebuds.

Woman with bottle of Fanta and fruit on cocktail stick

Playful snackers, change the snacking game

Rules? Only one. No playing without snacking. Grab a gaming headset and help your favorite creators choose some of the most fun, and most underrated games on the internet.

Woman drinking Fanta and eating popcorn

Snack in the name of play

When boring gets in the way, Fanta comes out to play. Check out Fanta's latest campaign and get inspired to snack out loud.

Man drikning fanta and eating snacks

Enjour 15% off your next Fanta Orange Pack

Choose your single favorite Fanta and reward yourself with a Fanta Orange five pack. You've earned it.

2 friends drinking fanta and snacking