Every day, people living with intellectual disabilities encounter barriers. The reality is that participation in public life and in areas such as sports is often restricted, or even denied. 

But dreams know no boundaries, no restriction and no exclusion, and at the Special Olympics World Games these dreams become realities for so many. Together with Special Olympics International, The Coca‑Cola Company is committed to making the dreams of Special Olympics athletes come true, building on a legacy of more than 50 years of partnership championing true inclusion.

The Special Olympics World Games is the largest inclusive global sporting event, held every two years, alternating between summer and winter editions.  In 2023, the event was held in Berlin, where more than 7,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities from more than 170 nations competed. 

But the Special Olympics are far more than just another sporting event. For many of the athletes, they serve as a catalyst for a healthier and more active lifestyle. The World Games is an unmissable social gathering that forges lasting bonds between athletes and fosters a profound sense of inclusion in wider society. 

For the athletes and their families, the Special Olympics World Games can open doors to unimagined possibilities. For volunteers, coaches, and other supporters from across the globe, it inspires hope and belief in a future filled with global acceptance, understanding and unity. 

The Coca‑Cola Company has been a dedicated global founding partner of Special Olympics since 1968 and a proud global sponsor for over 50 years.  We lend our support to Special Olympics programmes, athletes and events worldwide through financial contributions, volunteering and awareness-driven marketing initiatives. Across Europe, many countries have extended their support to their local Special Olympics organisations in various ways. 

During the most recent World Games in Berlin, in collaboration with Special Olympics International, we harnessed the influence of our iconic Coca‑Cola brand to raise awareness of the athletes and their dreams, under the slogan, "Your support is Real Magic” celebrating those who show up to support the athletes.

Continued support, every day, is the true magic that keeps us going.