Coca‑Cola Launches ‘Real Magic’ in South Africa – A Brand New Global Platform

Coca‑Cola in South Africa unveiled the ‘Real Magic’ brand philosophy and platform that invites everyone to celebrate the real magic of humanity.


The platform refreshes the Coca‑Cola brand promise – to unite and uplift people every day – with renewed relevance for the world we live in today. The platform is built from lessons of the last 18 months: that we can find magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary. It also acknowledges the many contradictions experienced as new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world.

‘Real Magic’ is being launched alongside a refreshed visual identity for the Coca‑Cola brand and a new perspective on the Coca‑Cola logo that will feature across Coca‑Cola marketing. Inspired by its representation on Coca‑Cola's iconic packaging, the "Hug" logo lifts the curved Coca‑Cola trademark on bottle and can labels to provide a visual signature that will embrace and frame moments of magic across Coca‑Cola's communications. 

“Coca‑Cola is a brand defined by dichotomies: humble but iconic, authentic yet secret, real yet magical. The ‘Real Magic’ philosophy is rooted in the belief that dichotomies can make the world richer and a more interesting place to live in - a world of extraordinary people, unexpected opportunities, and wonderful moments.  At the same time, it captures the essence of Coca‑Cola itself – indescribable, unique, a taste of real magic,” says Frontline Marketing Director at Coca‑Cola’s South Africa Franchise, Michelle Cloete. 

‘Real Magic’ launches with a new campaign called "One Coke Away From Each Other".  Blending real and virtual worlds, ‘One Coke Away From Each Other’ is a metaphor that speaks to the belief that what unites us is greater than what sets us apart and celebrates our common humanity, in the simple act of coming together over a Coke.

The ‘One Coke Away From Each Other’ campaign involves a collaboration with the Brand Partnership Studio at Twitch, the interactive live streaming service, and will be supported with a gaming promotion and online influencers. It features social and digital executions where consumers can win prizes ranging from collectible digital artwork characters from the film to Twitch bits and FIFA World Cup tickets.

In a film that launched in September, gamers are encouraged to find 25 codes hidden within the film and unlock another 10 codes with their viewers during live streams on their Twitch channel.

True to Coke's iconic style of partnering with young talent, the ‘Real Magic’ launch event was hosted by YFM's very own weekday daytime duo Nia Brown and Mthaux. At the helm of setting the tone for the night, musical maestro Langa Mavuso took to the stage and set the entire venue ablaze with a stellar performance - the first of the nights many ‘Real Magic’ moments had begun. Dancer and Performer Kamo Mphela took the magic to an elevated height and helped cement what ‘Real Magic’ is all about - something undeniable that exists all around us.

As part of the ‘Real Magic’ rollout in South Africa, Coca‑Cola will have various activities that are targeted towards engaging consumers, especially during the much-awaited festive season. Activities include discounts and offers on products and activating ‘Real Magic’ on billboards, digital, social media and on television.

As Coca‑Cola's new brand philosophy, ‘Real Magic’ is an extension of an ongoing mission to ensure that beyond the newly launched “Hug” logo, ’Real Magic’ can also be tangible. It’s a long-term brand philosophy and belief that will drive and guide marketing and communications across the Coca‑Cola brand. 

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