Know that your authenticity is your greatest treasure. Embrace your uniqueness, your innateness, and your journey to owning your richness.

Just like the South African Valleys that nourish Valpré, your essence is naturally sourced, untainted by external influences.

Experience lavish experiences and #OwnYourRichness with Valpré.

Water At Home

Own Your Richness at home with Valpré and recreate the tastiest mocktails enriched by our naturally sourced water.

Candice Jansen

Meet South Africa’s water sommelier. An H2O expert and enthusiast who is excited to teach you everything you need to know about the natural spring water that is Valpré.

She’s recorded a video that enriches your journey from the very beginning.

Siba Mtongana

Siba Mtongana is an expert chef, restauranteur and author who enjoys pairing her meals with a refreshing glass of Valpré water. If you want to learn more about the richness that water brings to your plate, watch her video here.

Lendl Julian Maarman

There is richness in every mocktail you sip on. Add naturally sourced spring water and you’ve joined a whole new mocktail league. Allow Lendl Julian Maarman, our renowned mixologist to swirl your tastebuds with incredible at-home mocktail recipes. 

Enrich your life with naturally sourced spring water and you’ll enter a water journey unlike any other. Elevate your taste and Own Your Richness with Valpré.