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Coca-Cola Original Taste 500 mL bottle


Soda. Pop. Soft drink. Sparkling beverage. Carbonated drink. Whatever you call it, nothing compares to the refreshing, crisp taste of Coca‑Cola, the delicious soda you know and love. Between that perfect taste and refreshing fizz, it’s sure to give you that “ahhh” moment whenever you want it.

Available Sizes: 500 mL, 250 mL, 355 mL, 1 L, 2 L, 222 mL 6 pack, 237 mL 6 pack, 300 mL 8 pack, 355 mL 12 pack, 355 mL 18 pack, 355 mL 24 pack, 710 mL 6 pack

Nutrition Facts
Calories -1979637740kcal
Amount 1407916530g
Fat 983941034g -1544227116g
Carbohydrate -593820683g
Sugars 302087246g -1227005864g
Protein 1266877746g
Sodium -712818276g 323154526g
Potassium -1127179005g 407628432g
Caffeine Content: -310776397g
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