Coca‑Cola is innovating again – and this time it’s bringing “mini” back in a big way.

Introducing: the mini bottle.

Sporting a new, smaller and resealable 250 mL bottle, Coca‑Cola’s newest addition to its beverage portfolio is making it easier for consumers to manage their sugar and calorie intake, while still enjoying their favourite Coca‑Cola brand.

The launch of mini bottle is Coca‑Cola Canada’s next step towards becoming a total beverage company – a vision that expands Coca‑Colabeyond its core brand.

“The Coca‑Cola Company has grown to be bigger than the brand Coca‑Cola,” Chairman and CEO James Quincey told analysts at a major industry event in 2017. “The company needs to be bigger than the core brand.”

The total beverage approach follows changing consumer trends across the world. In Canada, market trends show that consumer needs are evolving, and people want more flavours, healthier beverage options and smaller packaging.

And that’s exactly what mini bottle is achieving.

“Canadians are looking for variety and choice like never before – and mini bottle is just the beginning of a big year of innovation,” said Darlene Nicosia, President, Coca‑Cola Ltd.

“From flavoured and sparkling waters, and drinks with natural sweeteners, fewer ingredients, and added nutritional benefits to smaller packages and less sugar, our goal is to have a drink and a package for every need and desire,” she added.

In 2019, Coca‑Cola Canada will introduce more than 20 new beverages and over 60 new SKUs across their portfolio.

Beyond the mini bottle, this expansion includes a sports drink with 25% more electrolytes (limited time only), new sparkling soda waters, ready-to-drink coffee beverages and specialty flavoured sodas.

But for now, mini bottle is the small-but-mighty proof point that represents a bigger corporate message: Coca‑Cola is responding to changing consumer needs and this is a big step in the right direction.

Mini bottle is now available nationwide in two packages: a 250 mL single serve bottle and an eight-pack of 300 mL bottles. You can find it in grocery and convenience stores, as well as select food service outlets.