What is Coca‑Cola doing to reduce sugar in their drinks?

We know people have concerns about consuming too much sugar. That is why we’re taking action, should you want less of it. This includes reducing sugar across our products and making smaller portions more widely available.

So, how are we reducing sugar?

Making reduced- and no-sugar versions of many of the drinks you love and making them easier to find
In 2019,  introduced more than 20 new beverages and many new package formats across our portfolio, including new low- and no-calorie drinks, flavoured waters and new smaller packaging.

In Canada, our Total Beverage portfolio includes more than 34 brands and over 30 low and no-calorie beverage choices.

Promoting our reduced- and no-sugar options 
We want to give you choices. We’re advertising our no-sugar versions of Coca‑Cola right next to the original Coca‑Cola taste. Choose what suits you and your lifestyle and diet.

Exploring new sugar substitutes
We are using new sugar substitutes to make new drinks with fewer calories. Coca‑Cola Stevia is one example. It is sweetened with stevia extract and has 0 calories per serving.

Providing smaller, more convenient packaging
We are working to make more of your favourite Coca‑Cola products available in smaller packages. This includes Canada’s new mini bottle of 250 mL servings (at 100 calories per serving for Coca‑Cola and Sprite) as well as our 222 mL cans, 310 mL sleek cans and 300 mL bottles (available in 8-packs).