Coca‑Cola in Canada reaches 100 % water replenishment

No drop of water should ever be wasted, and Coca‑Cola Canada is working hard to do its part to make this a reality.

In fact, the global beverage company announced last week that they reached their goal of becoming 100% water replenished in Canada. This means that Coca‑Cola Ltd. and their bottling partner, Coca‑Cola Canada Bottling Limited, put back into communities the same amount of water that they use in their drinks as well as manufacturing practices. 

The announcement was proudly made by Jon Radtke, Coca‑Cola’s Water Resource Sustainability Director, during a panel at the 2019 Canadian Water Summit in Blue Mountain, ON.

“I’m proud to say that we reached our goal of replenishing 100% of the water used in our finished drinks and in their manufacturing in Canada,” Radtke said. “We accomplished that through working with our partners on projects to restore watersheds and put water back into the environment.”

The Coca‑Cola Company set a global goal to be water replenished by 2020 and achieved that goal five years ahead of schedule. It is the first Fortune 500 organization to achieve this goal.  In Canada, Coca‑Cola reached that goal at the end of 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

Since 2012, Coca‑Cola in Canada has worked closely with WWF-CanadaDucks Unlimited CanadaNature Conservancy of Canada and other partners, including Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to help reach this ambitious water goal. In addition, investments have been made in their production facilities to help reduce water usage. This includes moving to waterless technologies, optimizing filtration and backwash technologies, and water recycling programs.

“Coca‑Cola relies on water for our business, it’s the main ingredient in virtually everything we make,” said Radtke. “You need to have healthy watersheds in order to have healthy and economically viable communities.”

“Coca‑Cola has a role to play in ensuring that we’re doing business the right way,” he added.