What's the difference between Coke Zero and Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar?

Since it debuted in the U.S. 12 years ago, Coca‑Cola Zero has refreshed hundreds of millions of people with its real Coca‑Cola taste and zero calories. Now, the brand has a new name, new look, and even more delicious taste.

Through in-house innovation and extensive market testing, the no-calorie fan favorite delivers an even better-tasting recipe and goes by the name Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar. The new and improved recipe tastes like a Coke, but with zero sugar and zero calories. Coke Zero Sugar hit store shelves nationwide in August 2017.

The company continues to create new beverages and evolve its recipes and Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar represents our product innovation. It joins a roster of nearly 250 other delicious reduced-and no-sugar beverages offered in the U.S.