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Our Planet Matters

We aim to create a more sustainable and better shared future. To make a difference in people's lives, communities and our planet by doing business the right way. By becoming a better company, we can help build a stronger and more sustainable future for us all.

We’re taking a holistic approach to sustainability focused on social, environmental and economic stewardship. Only through a comprehensive approach can we achieve transformational and enduring change.

As a global company, we recognise our role to use our platform to help solve some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. 

Our sustainability goals are inherently interconnected and address all areas of our business. 

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Our Sustainability Areas of Focus

Latest Sustainability News

Read on, as we reveal what went down at the 2022 Real Talk forum, brought to you by Coca‑Cola GB, this year in partnership with WRAP.

Real Talk Forum in UK

Our Global Sustainability Goals, Initiatives, & Progress

2022 Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Report

We make brands and products that people love while building a more sustainable future for our business and for the planet. We do all of this while staying true to our purpose: to refresh the world and make a difference.

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Sustainability Resource Center

This resource provides an overview of our efforts to create a more sustainable business and better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives communities and our planet.

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