Project Open logo on a black background featuring small logos from Coca-Cola, innocent, and Costa Coffee

Together with experts from the extended Coca‑Cola family, we've collated expertise, knowledge, and behavioural science techniques for small businesses.

Welcome to Project Open; our first ever business accelerator programme created to help the hospitality industry come out of lockdown even stronger.

We’ve collaborated with experts from the extended Coca‑Cola family to share expertise, knowledge, and behavioural science techniques with small businesses.

Illustration of a hand holding a smartphone with a popcorn image
White text 'Get people talking' and 'When people talk about a good experience on social, repost it and credit them for positive content' on a red background
Button-like text with 'Subscribe here' text, and white text that says 'Start by offering subscriptions - they're a great way to remind customers of their pre-pandemic favourites
Illustration of a top-view of a Coca-Cola glass
White text says 'Go Live. Show off your products in live videos. no need to perform, just show the real you and your business' on red background
White text says 'Remember remember. Tap into nostalgia to remind people how much they have missed eating and drinking out' on black background
White text says 'Build excitement. People are persuaded by seeing others having a good time in your space - so show it off'
White text says 'Grab attention. Create the experience they've been craving, like themed events or signature serves' on blue background
Button-like element with 'Flexitime' text, and white text that says 'Office hours are likely to change, so think about if you can offer any flexibility to suit nearby workers'
White text says 'Splashing out. 87% of people plan to treat themselves - so make sure you have premium options' on blue background
White text says 'Remote work working for you. Free wifi, dedicated working space, and table ordering will attract people who want to work somewhere else from time to time'
White text says 'Go with the flow. New working arrangements create opportunity - welcome Wednesday as the new Friday with mide-week cocktails'
White text says 'Consistency is key. Build brand recognition especially on your website and socials'
Button-like element features 'Stay on top' text, and white text says 'Keep your website up-to-date to improve your google rakning'
White text says 'People buy what's easy to buy. Convert website visits to sales by making sure navigation is simple' on orange background
White text says 'Build your network. Climb Google rankings by getting blog, review, and take-away sites to link to your website' on black background
White text says 'Keep customers coming back. Use email and social to share deals, competitions, menu updates and events' on black background with orange details
White text says '18-35 year olds spend 5 days a year browsing food images' on blackground
White text says '30% would avoid a restaurant if its presence was weak' on orange background
White text says '#Instagrammable beautiful food creates word-of-mouth online' on blackground
White text says 'Add an "order food" button to your profile to encourage online orders' on orange background
Illustration of a head on green background with the following text 'Think long-term. Led bulbs are more expensive, but switching can save money in the long run by reducing your bill dramatically'
Button like element with the text 'Train your team' and white text saying 'Teaching staff to turn off the lights and taps could help your reduce energy wastage and costs by 21%'
Illustration of a drop of water on black background with the following text 'Changing appliances. Consider the costs and efficiency over an appliance's lifetime - it may actually save you money in energy terms'
Illustration of a green spiked-circle on black background with the following text 'Small savings. Take a look at at your energy usage to find opportunities to save. Even the little changes can make a big difference'
White text says 'Putting waste to good use. On average, food waste disposal costs £20K a year. Consider schemes from the sustainable restaurant association instead' on green background

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