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These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry instructions are deemed to form part of these Terms and Conditions and by participating all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by them. Please retain a copy for your information.

The Promoter takes data protection seriously. By entering this promotion, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy at and agree to these Terms and Conditions of the promotion. By submitting any information required as part of their participation into the campaign, participants agree to their information being held and processed in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Promoter: Coca‑Cola Great Britain, 1A Wimpole Street, London W1G 0EA; no entries should be sent to this address.



1. This promotion is open to residents of Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) only. Employees and their immediate families of Coca Cola Great Britain, Coca Cola Europacific Partners, their affiliates, agencies, or anyone else professionally connected with this promotion are not eligible to enter.

2. Entrants must be over 16 (under 18 parents / guardians’ permission) to enter from Asda and 18+ to enter from Greene King.

3. No Purchase required. Scan QR code on pack or download Coke App.

4. Entry is valid via the Coca‑Cola App and entrants must have registered an account and will need to follow the specific instructions to enter the promotion.

5. Maximum one (1) entry per registered person from each promotional entry route.

6. No entries from agents, third parties, organised groups, syndicates or aliases will be accepted. No incomplete, corrupted entries, or multiple entries from the same person beyond the promotional limit will be accepted. The entry must be made directly by the person entering the promotion. Only genuine valid entries to the acceptable standard will be considered.


Promotional Period

7. The Promotional period to enter the prize draw promotion opens at 09:00 on 13.07.23 and closes at 09:00 on 31.08.23. There are guidelines and restrictions to be observed for entry to the promotion which can be viewed in these Terms and Conditions and need to be adhered to.

8. Any entries received outside of these times and dates or deemed not to be of suitable standard as detailed in the “content”, will not be included in the prize draw and will not have a chance to win a prize.


How to enter

9. For the chance to enter and have an opportunity for a chance to win in the prize draw, entrants must scan the QR code on pack, or download the Coca‑Cola App from the App Store or Google Play Store then follow instructions to enter.

10. Once the Coca‑Cola App is downloaded, entrants will be required to login or create an account on the app, providing their full name, date of birth and a valid email address (which is personal and accessible throughout the promotion). This email address must belong only to the entrant and cannot be used by another entrant.  

11. In order to enter for an opportunity to win an Olympic Torch slot, entrants must:

    a) go onto the Olympic Torch tile on the app

    b) Select to enter the promo

    c) The entrant will then be presented with a free text box, into which they must provide answers to the two following     questions (in no more than 500 characters):

    · In which supermarket or public house chain did you see the promotion

        o   ASDA

        o   Hungry Horse

        o   Farmhouse Inns

        o   Flaming Grill

        o   Greene King

  • and share your story on why you believe you should have an opportunity to run with the torch. Share your story and your accomplishments in a sporting field, whether you are a member of a club or an association, whether you excel in your discipline, or introduce others to sport. Or tell us how you are involved in doing good in the community, whether you volunteer, fund raise or actively participate in your local area working for the common good.

Only genuine valid moderated entries of good standard will be entered into the prize draw. Each winning entry must be in line with The Coca‑Cola Company's values, particularly the values of inclusivity, positivity, unifying force and respect for others.

12.  Bulk entries made from trade, consumer groups, aliases or third parties will not be accepted. Incomplete or illegible entries, entries by macros or other automated means (including systems which can be programmed to enter), and entries which do not satisfy the requirements of these Terms and Conditions in full will be disqualified and will not be counted. If it becomes apparent that an entrant is using a computer(s) to circumvent this condition by, for example, the use of ‘script’, ‘brute force’, masking their identity by manipulating IP addresses, using identities other than their own or any other automated means in order to increase that entrant’s entries into the promotion in a way that is not consistent with the spirit of the promotion, that entrant’s entries will be disqualified and any prize award will be void.

13.  Any submission containing the following content will not be permitted and the entrant will be disqualified:

    · Content for the intended purpose of harassing, threatening or embarrassing individuals or multiple individuals.

    · Content featuring:

        o   Contains any content that is offensive or could reflect negatively on the name, reputation, or goodwill of the Promoter or         any brand partner

        o   Individuals without the consent of all featured parties

        o   Elements that are known to be false, inaccurate or misleading

        o   The depiction of or incitement to use alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other banned substances.

        o   Political parties, political messages or demonstrations

        o   Blasphemous or religious imagery or any image deemed to incite religious hatred

        o   Potentially defamatory or otherwise actionable material

        o   Anything deemed to be distasteful, of a sexual nature, is degrading or will in any way cause offence;

        o   Any content which Includes or infringes trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material not owned by the entrant or used         without the right holder's prior written permission (including famous names, company names, etc.);

        o   Third party promotional material or advertising

        o   The depiction of the assembly of explosive materials, firearms or items deemed to be weapons of any nature

        o   Individuals or companies phone numbers, emails or postal addresses, or any other personal information deemed         sensitive, private and/or unacceptable by the Promoter

        o   Any children under the age of 18

        o   Any Instagram name or photograph which contravenes the above will be void, and any entries will not count towards the         promotion

        o   Content sourced from commercial or third-party libraries who have not expressly consented to feature in promotion;

        o   Is a duplicate entry

        o   Any content the Promoter in its sole discretion considers to be inappropriate to use.

        o   Any entry that contains any computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other potentially damaging computer programs or         files.


14.  The Promoter reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to permanently remove any content material that is deemed to be distasteful, degrading or will in any way cause offence or to disqualify any individual found to be attempting to circumvent the promotion by tampering with the operation of the promotion, setting up multiple accounts, using multiple identities, using rude, inappropriate, or profane statements or to be acting in any manner deemed by the Promoter to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions; or to be acting in any manner deemed by the Promoter to be disruptive.

15.  Anyone, who in the Promoter’s absolute discretion, is acting in a manner that undermines the operation and integrity of the promotion or in any way that gives an unfair advantage, will be disqualified and any persons seeking to use such information gained will be disqualified.

16.  Entries will be strictly monitored by the Promoter and their third-party adjudicators throughout and any attempts to manipulate or otherwise unfairly influence the results will result in disqualification of entry or suspension of the promotion.

17.  The Promoter does not guarantee that you will have any recourse to edit or delete any content you have submitted. The Promoter has the right to remove or refuse to post any entry for any reason. You acknowledge that you, not The Promoter, are responsible for the Contents of your submission. None of the content that you submit shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of The Promoter, its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or third-party service providers and their respective directors, officers and employees. The person who uploaded the comment is the individual who is entered into the Prize Draw and the entrant confirms that she/he/they has/have obtained any and all releases and consents if relevant of third parties necessary to permit the submission for the purposes of this prize draw in the manner set forth in these terms and conditions without additional compensation.

18.  The Promoter reserves the right to report any content violations to the appropriate authorities.


The Prize

19.  There are 7 Olympic Torch entry slots available to be won for the 2024 Paris Olympic Torch relay (5x Asda and 2x Greene King and associated licenced premises)

20.  The details of the Olympic torch run will be as follows:

Asda winners will be required to be available in the Moselle department in France on the 27th June 2024

Greene King & associated licenced premises winners will be required to be available in  Haute Marne department in France on the 28th June 2024

21.  A distance of approximately 200m will need to be run with the winner carrying the torch.

The torch bearers will be welcomed in the morning of the day of their run/walk* at a collection point where they will be briefed on the day’s activities.

*The winners will need to adhere to Paris 2024 authorised clothing and accessories as per the specific Olympic Torch T&Cs (see 23 below)

The winners will be supplied with the official torch bearers' uniform and torch courteously of the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (“OCOG”)  , and then will be set up with their slots (200m apart from the next torch bearer) where they can spend time with their guests, mingle with the public and have their photos taken (any private photos will be for personal use only, and NO commercial gain. Torch bearers will sign up to the use of “official” images of them)

When it's time to run, they will need to move and stand in the middle of the road, in the middle of the convoy for the torch kiss.

    - When their torch is lit, the torch bearers will run or walk 200 meters. They will have 4/5 minutes to complete this.

    - At the end of these 200 meters, the torch bearer can either run behind the new carrier, for a little while or stop their     experience at this point.

22.  Where Winners require disability access, the Promoter will use its best endeavours to ensure compatible access.

23.  The winners and guest will be bound by the Olympic Torch Terms and Conditions applicable to the prize including, without limitation:[SO1]

24.  The Winners, as part of the prize will receive transport to France, transfer from an airport in Luxembourg to a hotel in the heart of the beautiful French countryside. After rest and relaxation, the winner will be transferred locally where they will take the famous Olympic torch one step closer to the opening ceremony. Winners will be provided with all relevant information, the Olympic Torch Relay uniform (not including trainers), and the torch plus details of the logistics for the day. Meals and expenses will be covered as part of the prize as detailed. All other gratuities or any other expenses which are at the winners’ and their guests’ own cost, unless otherwise expressly stated within the prize details.


For the 5 Asda prize winners, travel is 26th – 28th June 2024
and includes


  • Return flights from London to Luxembourg
  • Return private airport transfers from Luxembourg to Moselle region
  • 2 nights’ hotel 4* accommodation in the Moselle region, based on sharing a twin/ double room
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily lunchtime meal at local eateries, up to a maximum value of £40 per person per day, including drinks and service charge
  • Daily evening meal at top restaurants up to a maximum value of £75 per person per day, including drinks and service charge
  • Allowance for taxis up to the value of £100
  • £250 spending money
  • Travel insurance


For the 2 Greene King prize winners, travel is 27th – 29th June 2024 and include:


  • Return flights from London to Luxembourg
  • Return private airport transfers from Luxembourg to Haute-Marne region
  • 2 nights’ hotel 4* accommodation in the Haute-Marne region, based on sharing a twin/ double room
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily lunchtime meal at local eateries, up to a maximum value of £40 per person per day, including drinks and service charge
  • Daily evening meal at top restaurants up to a maximum value of £75 per person per day, including drinks and service charge
  • Allowance for taxis up to the value of £100
  • £250 spending money
  • Travel insurance


25.  Winner must be available to travel to the event, on the dates highlighted in the various prize packages as specified by Promoter or forfeit the prize.

26. The Promoter is not responsible if any scheduled event is delayed, postponed or cancelled for any reason, including but not limited to pandemics, epidemics, local disease outbreaks, public health emergencies, and quarantines.

27. By accepting Prize, winner agrees to abide by any terms, conditions and restrictions set forth on as part of the winning package and anything from the event organizer.

28.   Winner understands and agrees that Promoter has the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify and remove a winner or his/her/their guest(s) from any activity at any time if the winner’s or his/her guest’s behaviour at any point is uncooperative, disruptive, or may or does cause damage to person, property, or the reputation of Promoter, and in such a case, the winner will still be solely responsible for all taxes and other expenses related to the prize.

29.  Winner and guests will provide all requested information pertaining personal information that will allow tickets for travel, accommodation, and Olympic torch tickets to be issued, not limited to e.g., passport, date of birth, nationality, covid vaccination status in the format requested by the Olympic organising committee.

30.  Winner and guest understand 4* accommodation provided will be one (1) shared room of single beds (2 or 3).

31.  Promoter is not responsible if winner does not run on the day of event.

32.  Promoter is not liable for any activities independently arranged by winner while at the location or external excursions personally arranged in the local area.

33.  Obtaining visas or tourist cards are the sole responsibility of the Winner and their guests and any cost associated is to be covered by the Winner.

34.  Winner and travel companions are solely responsible for having, valid passports and any other documents necessary for international travel.

35. The Winner and their guests must not have any limitations upon their ability or rights to travel to and from both the event country, the transit country or the departing country. The right to refuse entry in either country is held by Passport control and countries’ authorities. Promoter or Prize Provider accepts no responsibility for ensuring the Winner or their guest are able to travel and are not responsible for any costs incurred should entry be refused by Passport control or the countries authorities.

36.  Travel restrictions, conditions and limitations may apply.

37.  Winner and travel companion are solely responsible to abide by destination countries laws and regulations

38.   Promoter will not be held responsible for any goods or services provided outside of the allocated winning prize.

39.  Winner and travel companions are responsible for complying with any COVID-19 requirements set forth by Promoter, airline, hotels/accommodations, event venues or other vendors offering services that are part of the trip prize. Failure to comply with any required COVID-19 requirements, may result in forfeiture of select elements of the prize or the entire prize. 

40.  Prize is non-transferable and no substitution will be made except as provided herein at the Promoter’s sole discretion.

41.  To the fullest extent permitted by law the promoter excludes any and all liability for any loss, damage or injury occurring to you or any third party arising from your entry into the promotion or arising from your acceptance and use of the Prize.

42.  No cash or alternative prize available in whole or in part, except in the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Promoter, the Promoter reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative or equal or greater value.

43.  The Promoter reserves the right to add more prizes into the main promotion. Winners only will be notified in line with these Terms and Conditions.

44.  Prizes are strictly non-transferable and cannot be sold or auctioned. Any person found in breach of this term will be disqualified from participating. No alternative prize will be available in whole or in part, except in the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Promoter or Prize provider. The Prize Provider reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative of equal or greater value. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Promoter, the prize will only be awarded directly to the winner.


Notification and Delivery of the Prize

Selecting the winner(s)

45. The running torch relay slots from the two different department locations and days, will be randomly mixed prior to the draw process, giving a time, and a particular start and finish location for both locations. Thus there will be 1-5 random slots for Asda valid entrants in Moselle department and 1-2 random slots for Greene King valid entrants in Haute Marne department

46. All entries received during the promotion will be entered into the prize draw for the respective prizes

    a) Asda entrants for 5 slots the Moselle department in France on the 27th June 2024

    b) Greene King & associated licenced premises entrants for 2 slots in Haute Marne department in France on the 28th June     2024

47. The relevant number of winners from each of the different entry applications,  5x Asda and 2x Greene King plus associated licenced premises, will be selected at random via an independently verified prize draw on 01.09.2023 from all relevant entries from Asda or Greene King and associated licenced premises.  Reserves will also be drawn for each of the two prize pools at the same time as the original draw

48. These winners and reserves will then be validated against the standards from the Terms and Conditions and will be contacted for additional information which is required for the OCOG for background checks to be run and informed that they are potential winners/reserves. By contacting reserves at this stage it will assist with timing efficiencies should a replacement be required for any potential winner discarded at a later stage

The information the potential winner will need to complete is:

Full name


Phone Number

Why you deserve to run with the torch



Country of birth

City of birth

Full address

Do you have a disability?

Do you need assistance to carry the torch?

Long sleeve shirt size

Waist size

Emergency contact

Passport number


49. In addition to the above torch bearers need to agree to their photos or videos being used by Coca‑Cola, Paris 2024, and their partners. This is a mandatory requirement in the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Terms and Conditions stated above. The 7 winners will need to approve this specific clause when filling out the form with the details as above. The potential torch bearers will also need to read and accept the Olympic Torch Terms and Conditions as detailed above in Clause 23

50. The potential winners will be submitted to OCOG  for background checks and then receive final confirmation of selection

51. Winners will be notified of acceptance in early Jan 2024.

52. Winners, when contacted will have details of their location and time to run with the Olympic torch (this cannot be changed).

53. If a winner has not responded to the original notification within the 7 working days of acceptance, or if a selected winner is ineligible, otherwise in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or unable to take up the prize for any other reason, or has their entry rejected by the OCOG, then the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize and to allocated and award the prize to a reserve winner who is next in line from the original relevant draw (process as detailed above) and will be subject to the same approval requirements. By having reserve information available at the beginning of the verification and OCOG validation process, reserves if needed should be fulfilled promptly.

54. Winners should retain details of their entry form and any communication until their win has been verified.

55. Once the winner has passed verification and thus has been accepted , the representatives of the OCOG or the Promoter  will reach out to the winner via phone initially (on the contact number provided on entry) with a backup email (provided on entry) sent at the same time to verify and confirm details. Once the prize has been accepted, and any further details completed, winners and guests will receive an information pack, which includes everything you need to know, from the hotel you will be staying at to itinerary details.

Winners only will be contacted.



56. The Promoter reserves the right to verify all entries and the winners and to refuse to award a prize, withdraw prize entitlement and/or refuse further participation in the promotion and disqualify the participant where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions or any instructions forming part of this promotions entry requirements or otherwise where a participant has gained unfair advantage in participating in the promotion or won using fraudulent means.

57. Incomplete, illegible, corrupted entries, or those which are otherwise not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will not be valid. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for failure to receive an entry where such failure is due to circumstances outside the Promoter’s control.

58. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions, or of the spirit of this promotion, the Promoter may at its sole discretion refuse to accept an entry.

59.  In the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Promoter, or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or computer) affects or could affect the proper operation of this promotion or the awarding of prizes, and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these Terms and Conditions, at any stage, but will always endeavour to minimize the effect to participants in order to avoid undue disappointment.

60.  The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense or damage which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this promotion or accepting or using the prize/gift, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (including personal injury, death and fraud) in which case that liability is limited to the maximum allowable by law.

61.  The Promoter’s decision is binding in all matters relating to this promotion.

62.  Limitations of liability: insofar as permitted by law, neither the Promoter nor the promotional parties assume any responsibility or liability for: 

    a) Any incorrect or inaccurate entry, or for any faulty, incorrect errors or failed electronic data transmissions;

    b) Communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers,     computers, or providers utilised in any aspect of this promotion;

    c) Inaccessibility or unavailability of the internet or the website or any combination thereof;

    d) Insofar as permitted by law, any injury or damage to participants or to any other person’s computer which may be related to     or resulting from any attempt to participate in the promotion.


63.  The Promoter and its agents will only use personal information supplied by entrants to this promotion for the purposes of administering this promotion unless consent is received to use such information for any other purpose.

64. Sometimes, through reasons outside of the Promoters control, the website or platform may not be accessible. The Promoter cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to the website or platform. No responsibility will be accepted for any difficulties in entering, claiming or any entries/claims delayed or corrupted. The Promoter will have no liability for any loss arising out of such an event.

65. In the event of circumstances outside the Promoter’s reasonable control, or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or computer) affects or could affect the proper operation of this promotion or the awarding of prizes, and only where circumstances make this unavoidable, the Promoter and those partnered with the promotion reserve the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these Terms and Conditions at any stage but will endeavour to minimize the effect to entrants in order to avoid undue disappointment.

66. A list of Winners’ surnames and their counties will be available on request by emailing with the subject line ‘Coca Cola Olympic Torch Promotion’ within 3 months of the promotion close date, however, the information will not be forwarded until early 2024 when the winners will be confirmed following the process through with the OCOG. Should a winner object to their information being made available, they should contact the promoter by emailing The promoter may nevertheless disclose the information to the relevant Advertising Standards Authority if required to do so.

67. Winners may be required if they consent to take part in reasonable publicity relating to this promotion without further remuneration.

68. If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.

69. These Terms and Conditions (and any non-contractual disputes/claims which arise out of or in connection with them) will be governed by the relevant local courts who shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising out of, relating to or concerning these Terms.


Data Protection: The Promoter will only use the personal details supplied for the administration of the promotion and the auditing of the entries where necessary and for no other purpose unless we have your consent and you have opted-in to receive future marketing communications. Your personal details will at all times be kept confidential, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Click here for the Promoter’s Privacy Policy 
You can request access to your personal data, or have any inaccuracies rectified, or request deletion of data by sending an email to  By participating in the promotion, you agree to the use of your personal data as described here. You can withdraw your consent at any time. For the purpose of this promotion, requests to delete personal data can only be actioned after the promotion has concluded and the relevant winners have been approved.