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When you enjoy your drink from a bottle, you’re not necessarily planning for the future of that bottle or, indeed, the cap. And when the time comes to recycle the bottle, sadly, for many reasons, the cap doesn’t always land in the recycling bin with it.

The solution? Well, now you’ll find when you pick up one of our soft drinks, the cap stays attached to the bottle bound together by a plastic tether. You just need to open the bottle as before, flip the cap back until it clicks, enjoy your beverage, reseal the cap, and return the bottle and cap together in your nearest recycling bin.

Since 2022, we've been rolling out attached caps on our bottles across Great Britain. And we’ve hit another exciting milestone. Since April 2024, we've now successfully introduced tethered caps across every brand with a cap, for easier collection of the caps along with the bottles.

Capp Attached - For easier collection. For recycling.

So now you’ll find a tethered cap across Oasis, Dr Pepper, Smartwater, Fanta and, of course, our Coca‑Cola bottles.

We have a target of collecting and recycling a bottle or can for each one we sell by 2030. But we know there’s more that needs to be done.

This new packaging solution was developed in collaboration with many design and supplier partners.

This easy to use and practical solution guarantees the safety and quality of our Coca‑Cola beverages and helps reduce the chances of parts of our packaging ending up in nature. 

Keeping that cap firmly on the bottle so that it’s easier to collect  and recycle them together.

Because some things are just better together.

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