Detail of sparkling bubbles inside a Coca-Cola drink

Sustainable Packaging Overview


The value of packaging is often seen as a paradox.

Portable, re-sealable, lightweight, shatter-resistant -- all valuable roles packaging provides in meeting consumer needs and preventing waste while delivering products safely with high quality. However, once emptied, packaging can present an environmental issue if not properly disposed of or collected for reuse.

We are actively working throughout the Coca‑Cola system to create solutions by advancing a global sustainable packaging strategy aimed at preventing waste over the life of our packaging.

To us, waste prevention extends beyond simply reducing packaging material. We also focus on optimizing packaging efficiency; increasing renewable material use; recovering packages for reuse; and increasing recycled material use.

Learn more about our vision, actions and our position on key topics in the videos and content below.

Packaging Vision: An overview of Coca‑Cola approach to sustainable packaging for our products.

A Coca-Cola themed truck

Marine Litter: An overview of our partnerships and work to address marine litter globally.

A group of people collecting waste in a beach shoreline

Packaging Innovation: A snapshot of our approach and progress in innovating our packaging design and material use.

A woman giving an interview in front of a banner about sustainable initiatives from Coca-Cola

Recovery & Recyclability: Discussion on our efforts to improve recovery of our packaging and the recyclability of our packaging materials.

A recyclable trash bin for bottles and cans made by Coca-Cola