What is the Coca‑Cola Vending Pass?

The Coca‑Cola Vending Pass is a digital loyalty card that you can add to your Apple® Wallet or Android Pay™ mobile wallet to participate in an exclusive offer at select Coca‑Cola vending machines. Each time you make a purchase with your Coca‑Cola Vending Pass in your mobile wallet, you’ll be one step closer to earning your drink reward. Mobile wallet functionality may not be available on all smart phones or on all carriers.
Once you make ten purchases, you can redeem your reward for a drink of your choice at select Coca‑Cola vending machines. To participate, text “wallet” to 2653 or visit Coke Vending to get a digital pass number assigned to you and follow the instructions to add it to your mobile wallet. Once a Coca‑Cola Vending Pass is created, you will be eligible to participate in exclusive offers each time you make a vending purchase when you use your Coca‑Cola Vending Pass.
Click here to find participating Coca‑Cola vending machines. Some of the vending machines aren't quite ready to accept the digital Coca‑Cola Vending Pass yet.
Your Coca‑Cola Vending Pass will automatically keep track of your progress towards your next drink reward; you do not need to take further steps to participate in the Program. Simply tap your digital Pass where indicated on the participating Coca‑Cola Vending Machine before each purchase to be one step closer to your drink reward.