Consent/permission to use social media content(s)

You hereby grant Coca‑Cola Africa (Pty) Limited (hereinafter referred to as CCA), its Parent company i.e. The Coca‑Cola Company (TCCC), subsidiaries, Affiliates and their Consumer Interactive Centre (CIC), all jointly referred to herein as “The Company” the permission to share, adopt, adapt or own any social media content/Creative or photographs and/or video(s) of you or the content(s) that you shared on any of your social channels or on TCCC social channels.

Your Privacy

You also confirm and approve that CCA may be responsible for the processing of your personal data and that the paragraphs below have clearly informed you about the processing of your personal data for social media and electronic usage and the rights that you are entitled to in this regard.

You also confirm that you fully understand that the Company’s CIC came across your personal content with reference to the brands of The Company on publicly accessible social media platforms and that The Company used the means of communication provided by the social platform to get in touch with you to obtain your approval to use the content on The Company’s own operated social media channels and branded websites. The legal basis for this data processing is legitimate interest as The Company has a legitimate interest in using the contents of users with reference to The Company brands for marketing purposes and in contacting users for this purpose.

You confirm and approve that The Company may use the personal data collected from you in a manner as described in our Privacy Policy accessible at and that such use may include necessary/reasonable processing, storage and transfers to our affiliates and third-party service providers in any country.

General Terms & Conditions

License & Intellectual Property

By granting this approval, You consent and give The Company a worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish any content or Creative posted and/or submitted by You on a social media site, for the purposes of promoting our products and services. Additionally, you confirm, by granting this approval, that the post/Creative is original and written/created by You. For this purposes, “Creative or comment/post” includes but is not limited to, any written material or visual or audio material such as an image, a photograph, a sound clip or a visual clip. 

Terms & Conditions of the social media platforms

You also confirm that you have complied with the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the social media platforms.


You hereby irrevocably and perpetually authorize The Company, successors and assigns, and those acting with their permission and without any consideration or remuneration in return, to use, broadcast, publish, display and copyright the creative/words, slogan and /or suggested line developed by You and to use, broadcast and publish Your name and social media handle and other uses of Your likeness in whole or in part, and any edits or cut-downs thereof (all collectively referred to as the “Creative”), in all media now known or hereafter developed worldwide, including without limitation advertising billboards, YouTube channels, websites, social media sites or pages etc.


You also understand and confirm that The Company is not obligated to use the Creative in a particular way/manner and You unequivocally approve that The Company shall be the owner of the Creative and shall own all rights to the Creative forever, throughout the world, in all media, and in all languages. You hereby also acknowledge and confirm that no fees or revenues are payable by CCA or The Company or its agents to You or any third party in connection with the above-referenced grant of rights.


You hereby release and discharge CCA, The Company, their subsidiaries or affiliates from any liability whatsoever related to the use, including without limitation, claims for invasion of privacy, defamation of character, or any alteration, abbreviation, distortion or illusory effect in connection with the permitted use, whether intentional or not, and waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product or any related materials or the use to which they may be made.

Retention and Contact

You understand and approve that Your personal data (if any) may be deleted when we no longer need them for the aforementioned purposes, provided that there are no statutory retention requirements.

You understand that you can contact the CCA data protection/Information officer by email at if you want your data to be removed or edited.