frequently asked questions

what is vapor distillation?

vapour distillation is the first step in creating purified water the way nature intended. it simulates the hydrologic cycle. the process separates, purifies and then "regroups" the water molecules. heat is used to vapourize water which leaves behind contaminants and dissolved solids. the vapour is then cooled and the water condenses back to a purified state.

what are electrolytes and what kind are found in smartwater?

smarter water shouldn’t only hydrate, it should taste good, too. electrolytes are ionized minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and the unique blend of electrolytes in smartwater creates a taste that is distinctly pure and crisp.

where can I find the nutrition facts for smartwater?

cheers to making informed hydration decisions. find smartwater nutrition facts on our product pages here: 

do you add sodium to smartwater?

no, we leave out sodium and add only our unique blend of electrolytes to smartwater.

does smartwater contain gluten?

no gluten, ever.

does smartwater contain sugar or calories?

smartwater does not contain sugar, calories, coloring, or artificial flavors—just fresh, crisp, pure taste.

what type of plastic are the smartwater bottles made from?

BPA-free, smartwater  bottles use only food grade PET1 plastic.

are smartwater bottles recyclable?

of course, our bottles are 100% recyclable.

what does “pH balanced” mean?

pH levels can greatly affect the taste of water. since our water comes from various sources throughout the United States, we use vapour distillation, water purification, and the addition of electrolytes to consistently deliver the fresh, crisp and pure taste of smartwater. we closely monitor our pH levels to ensure we're providing our consumers with a consistent product that is purely balanced.

what package sizes is smartwater available in?

smartwater  is available in:

* 591 mL
* 700 mL
* 1 L
* 1.5 L
* 6x1 L