What is 5by20?

5by20® is The Coca‑Cola Company’s global goal announced in 2010, to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million female entrepreneurs across our value chain by 2020 —from fruit farmers and artisans to recyclers and retailers. Together with our partners, including the Coca‑Cola Foundation, we are pleased to report that as of the end of 2020 we surpassed our goal, enabling over 6 million women across 100 countries to provide business skills training, mentoring networks, financial services and other assets to help women’s lives and businesses. 

There is overwhelming evidence that achieving equality and empowerment for women has broad ripple effects that are good for society. As pillars of their communities, women invest a sizable portion of the income they earn on the health and education of their children and in their local economies, creating a tremendous economic impact.


What’s Next?

The Coca‑Cola Company remains committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which it operates. As a system, we acknowledge that while we have surpassed our goal to enable the economic empowerment of more than 6 million women entrepreneurs, the challenges that face female entrepreneurs across the world are still enormous and solving them would require a collective effort.

Internally, our goal is to mirror the diversity of the communities in which we operate. We aim for 50% of our global The Future of Economic Empowerment 5by20: A Decade of Achievement 21 leadership team to be made up of women. Toward that end, our Global Women’s Leadership Council, launched in 2008, will continue to advocate for women in global leadership positions and cultivate our pipeline of female talent.  

Externally, our efforts will focus on expanding our current programs and engaging in collective industry efforts. Amidst the global impacts caused by COVID-19 pandemic, these initiatives will seek to train and retrain, build networks and mentorships, and support access to financing.

As the impact of our continuing efforts multiplies with each passing year, we expect to reach many more women and underprivileged populations in developing and industrialized economies.


More information

To learn more about 5by20 and our work to empower women, visit Womens Empowerment.

Read the 5by20 report to learn more about ""A Decade of Achievement.""