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Find out why there’s nothing quite like taking that first sip of an ice-cold Coca‑Cola.

There’s nothing quite like taking that first sip of an ice-cold Coca‑Cola.

Whether you’re 18 or 80, the magic taste of Coke can instantly transport you back to those moments when you were living your best life; days spent in the sun, surf and sand, going on thrill-seeking adventures, experiencing the highs of new places and cultures, dancing the night away with friends… The list goes on.

That’s why, this summer, we’re inviting you to live your best life, celebrate good vibes and create memories to last a lifetime with our new Magic Taste of Coca‑Cola campaign.

The Magic Taste of Coca‑Cola

Notice anything different about us? Coca‑Cola’s iconic logo has been given a tasty new look to celebrate its unique ability to transport you back in time with the very first sip. That’s alongside a brand new TV ad starring a pretty tongue-in-cheek animation, diving in and out of cans and bottles to help reawaken a life’s worth of awesome memories.

You can check out the ad here:

The ad showcases “the magic of the Coca‑Cola taste," says Walter Susini, Marketing Director for Western Europe at Coca‑Cola, adding that it "has the unique ability to evoke positive feelings and emotions associated with special memories and associations of living your best life."

One sip is all it takes

What memories does the taste of Coca‑Cola stir up for you? Epic parties? Weekends spent at the cinema enjoying the unique combination of popcorn and Coke? Long nights and sunny days? Why not let us know over on Twitter?

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